Hi friends! How are you?!

We’re good. Maybe sort of cold this morning in Massachusetts. I feel like we’re normally pretty good at figuring out meals while traveling, but not this trip. Well, maybe its because I’m normally in charge, but any “down time” I’ve had, I’ve been work work working away on the computer. SO I’m kind of like, “YOU GUYS FIGURE IT OUT.” I miss pineapple this week, haha. I think thats basically one of my life requirements: must live somewhere that grows pineapple.

With the exception of  all the meals we ate out at, Marlowe has been eating pretty good. Seemingly more picky this week, but that sometimes happens when we travel. I think thats a pretty standard kid thing though. Right? Maybe. Anyway, here’s a bunch of meals that we ate this month 🙂  
cauliflower + potato mash with peas and a carrot ginger dressing on romaine. Hoping to do a super easy recipe for this when we get home. We really just throw everything in the blender and spin. So fast, so easy. And she loves it.
Worcester Thai food. Got her a bento box with brown rice, deep fried (bleh) veggie spring rolls, fruit, and broccoli + tofu in a vague brown sauce. She didn’t like the sauce (works for me) so we ended up ordering a side of plain steamed broccoli for her to eat. Thats pretty much our go to for asian restaurants. She usually gets spring rolls (preferably not fried), brown rice, and broccoli.
Hahaha I’m not sure what this face is, but she loves this sandwich. She basically completely gluten free these days except when we travel or she eats out. On the sandwich: hummus, greens, sprouts, carrots, avocado. She picks off: the sun-dried tomatoes + cucumbers.

curried split pea soup.
Veggie tomato soup + avocado.
green soup+ chickpeas. recipe in the plantiful table.
she wanted sushi. I didn’t want to make sushi. we compromised and I put seaweed wraps inside the spring rolls. it was… interesting.
tofu scramble taco night. recipe in the plantiful table.

veggie lentil soup.

kale salad. if you guys haven’t made it yet, do it!

that kale salad again + baked plantains + no oil potato fries.

and finally a veggie pad Thai. Haven’t made something this in forever. (similar recipe in cookbook) and she loveddd it. I marinated the tofu (for her) and tempeh (for me) first and it was delicious.


  1. My daughter would be starving if she ate like this. Seriously.

  2. Amy Senn

    I’d love to hear more about your adventures in cooking with no oil – is it easier than I think?

  3. Rachelle

    I feel like if you miss pineapple already just wait until you get to Canada. Strawberries are the only thing currently in season.

  4. Im not vegan but Im so fascinated by your recipes I always read them. They look awesome!