How are you friends? It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty care post. But before I talk about different products I love — and why I’m using them (spoiler alert: pimples). I want to tell you about universe magic. Doesn’t it always seem like when you start thinking about something it just pops up in front of you? Like the universe knows? Well this happened to me in a major way recently– during our recent-ish trip to our friend Claudia’s house in Asheville. So, I basically always carry my own soaps and things when I travel. (I plan on doing a post on easy ways to do this for different travels soon). Sometimes I bring a lot– sometimes I don’t– usually depending on where I’m going. (I bring a ton to my moms– and regret not bringing conditioner on this trip, but whatever, I’ll steal some vinegar from the fridge). For Claudia’s house, I brought most everything…. butttttt I still love eyeing her soaps and lotions cause she really buys some of the best stuff.

During one of my showers, I was like, “let me try this coconut papaya  body wash” I tried it and almost died– it was pure amazingness. And all I could think was, “this must’ve ten million chemicals, but it smells so good.” I turned over the bottle to realize it was totally natural, vegan, ethical, and sustainable. OMG. I was even more obsessed. I made a mental note: “must go home and buy Nubian Heritage” and then seconds later, my lack of short term memory kicked in and I basically completely forgot about the soap name.


And thank the universe greatly because just a few weeks later I got an email asking if I wanted to try Nubian Heritage products. YES, OBVIOUSLY. I was so excited to rediscover the brand that I loved so much. And even more excited when I learned that they make soap, lotion, deodorant, bath bombs and more in my favorite scent ever.

I mean, they have other amazing scents too (the lemongrass and tea tree and the mango butter are also magic). I mean, I’m sure all of them are magic, but the coconut and papaya is the best thing ever.
Packing all the goods.
So lets talk face for a moment too? My skin was so clear for so long. Since getting sick its up and down and all over the place. I usually don’t do much about it– I just ride it out until my hormones simmer down. If you guys haven’t looked into face-mapping– it’s super interesting. It runs on the same practice of ancient Chinese teachings– that everything in our system is connected. When I first got sick, all my breakouts were in my colon region of my face (forehead) which makes TOTAL sense since c. diff lives in your colon and I had (and still have) so many colon troubles since c. diff. Now when I break out it’s more in my hormonal regions (lower jaw/side of face). So yeah, for a while I would just ride it out– because I know that pimples are an internal problem showing outwardly). But this month I’ve been questioning why I haven’t been more proactive, you know? Just because I haven’t been able to fix my insides properly yet, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to combat them outwardly. 
Nyakio is freaking amazing, guys. I recently had a conversation with a friend that maybe it was time to start using neck cream– and I eye rolled so hard at first. Later that week I was I was like, no maybe she’s right. It’s not a terrible idea. And it certainly won’t hurt (if the products are natural anyway). As of last month, I’ve become a face cream person. I mean, I still love the simplicity of coconut oil– and think it’s amazing for all the things– but I’ve been enjoying using natural face products anddd I have seen a difference too.

My favorite products have been:
the natural mud mask (helps with those pimples so much).
the tamanu firming face balm (this stuff is the best! Most of you would probably like it for night, not day. But I totally like it for both!)
and the line soothing eye and lip cream (what feels like my first step into woman/adulthood– you know, besides having a kid, buying a house, etc. etc.).
love this.

and this. obviously. cruelty free, organic, natural, fair trade, family owned, all the best things.

Oh and this toner. I mostly love the size of it– it’s so travel friendly! I’ve been using the African black soap toner followed by the acne + clarifying cream in the morning. It’s seriously helped so much with my little bits of acne flare-ups.

Overall, I’ve noticed a huge step up in my skin this month. My face has been more clear and smooth– and any pimples I do get, are smaller and clear up faster. Like I said, I still will always love my coconut oil for everything, but it feels really great trying all these natural products– and then actually seeing the difference 🙂

If anything, try the coconut papaya guys. It’s amazinggggggg. <3

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    What is in the blue glass container? Where did you get that pretty container? ♥