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Hi friends!  How are you?! We’ve been so busy adventuring over here! Well, actually, to be more specific we’ve been living in two extremes. On one end we’ve been at home, working working working to get things done. And on the other—- we’ve been out living it up, adventuring together. The end of August is always REALLY hard in South Florida. The reality is that it’s almost unbearable. It’s just too hot to do much of anything, almost the beach even. But I guess that’s not so bad for us, considering we should be at home, getting ready for our big move.

This is also that ‘back to school time’ time of the year for most families. But for us? Well, you guys know, we’re going a totally different route— a totally new spin to the school year, this year, and life in general!  It’s been fun and weird to watch all of Marlowe’s little friends head back to school— and well, we’re not. Haha. But that doesn’t mean we’re letting Marlowe’s brain turn to soup over here. (Side note: I’m currently freezing in Colombia and could really go for some warm soup). We’ve started back on the homeschool train until Marlowe’s new school starts in January. We’re prepping her for first grade and prepping ourselves for a new adventure. We partnered with Shoe Carnival this month for this time of back to school prep. We all headed out to the store the other day to pick up new sneakers for our current and future adventures. We’re excited. And in the meantime, before we head south to Guatemala, we are trying to get out and about at home. We aiming to enjoy the things we are going to miss the most when we leave: the beach, organic smoothies, and acai bowls of course. Viewing things in our same favorite way, but also in a new, appreciative way, since we will miss these things too.

I guess that’s the thing—- no matter what the season is (physically, emotionally, whatever), it’s good to get out and do the little things you enjoy. I mean, even if Marlowe was heading back to school right now, we’d still be doing these things.
We’re excited for our future as a family— but (very) happy to do the everyday little things right now—- even the super little things, like buying everyday + adventure shoes together— in a new way, together.


  1. Drea – I love the post and your gorgeous outfit – sneakers and all. Where is your lovely play-suit from?

    • Andrea

      she did! shes been asking for a while. finally did it. I think it suits her 🙂

  2. Sneakers are always a good idea! Especially when they are new and still white and clean 😀
    Best of luck on all your endeavours.

    • Andrea

      Marlowe and I are soooo not sneaker girls– but we do have them– because certain adventures certainly require sneakers 🙂