A Peace Pagoda Promise.

You know, I’ve made a lot of plans since getting sick. Some quite big, but mostly smaller, tangible-sounding ideas. The most difficult thing about getting sick wasn’t the painfully slow recovery time, but more the lack of (the sheer inability) to follow through on my own ideas, wishes, and plans. It takes a toll to make plan after plan and then have to cancel due to your own health. I think it’s part of the reason I so easily hermit now– theres no pressure. From anyone else, yes, but also no self placed pressure either. I enjoy this. Or… I prefer it over the alternate reality: disappointedly having to cancel plans because of illness.

This is something I’ve been working on. It was super depressing in the beginning– I felt like I lost friends, fun, and a lot of hope too. But now… I don’t mind the quiet, more secluded life. The friends who stayed by me, mean more to me than ever before. The strangers that stepped up to lend a hand, ear, or wise words of advice, I will be forever grateful for. And I’ve learned patience along the way.

Each time I go to my childhood home, I fine myself secluding myself more and more. I see less and less friends. Now there is really two that I see with each visit. One of them, Katie, who I’ve plan after plan with at each visit– and have had to cancel time and time again… or so it feels like anyway.

But this past visit? Well, I can see the improvement in my health for sure. Because not only did we keep the plans we make, but we made up for the plans we missed out on last time, and even made spur of the moment new plans and unforgettable memories too.

I am grateful.

This. A million times this. Not only perfect for my door, but for my life. I should have bought this mat. I’m a hermit who appreciates and wants frequent visitors. But not necessarily an oxymoron in regards to friendships. Because I guess thats the thing is, I enjoy to hermit, but I’m not a loner. I love a good visit and good company any day or hour of the week. Oh, and yes, I’m totally a hermit who will pick up and go travel at the drop of a hat. So in that sense, a complete an total oxymoron.

Pretty walk ways  + chocolate. Chocolate is one of my few processed sugar indulgences. In fact, I just found this bar of chocolate in my pantry now and had some 🙂

legs. I often still wish mine were longer 😉

me + a water bottle + chop sticks. naturally.

Pretty blurry things.

Pretty spaces.

So we went to North Hampton. Just liked planned two visits north before. I’ve known Katie for maybe 15 years? Maybe a little less, I’m not sure. I was her prom date. And she has been someone I’ve laughed at and danced with and adventured with often. The last two times north we had discussed heading west and adventuring to North Hampton and then visiting The Peace Pagoda, but it never happened. This time it happened.

A happy photo. A miserable photo. Aka on the way for food vs. after climbing a hill.

A little slice of heaven. I mean, outside my intense fear for ticks now. Eeesh, ever since my lyme scare I can’t be out in the north east without worrying just a bit. But if I took a breath and pretended that ticks didn’t exist, this place was heaven. I could totally grab a blanket a book and spend all day here. Maybe some fruit too 😉

A gem right? If you guys ever go to Massachusetts, then you’ll have to visit. Doesn’t feel like Massachusetts at all once you’re there! HERE <– in case you want to look it up 🙂

And old fading henna to match 🙂 I had gotten the henna right before, on my trip to Chicago. Which reminds me– the woman who did it was the nicest person ever. I promised he rI would write to her. I need to do that!

The day was good. A giant vegan breakfast in North Hampton. Walking around in beautiful weather. Chocolate. Fair trade store shopping 🙂 A quick snack in the most scenic spot. The Peace Pagoda. And then a noodle dinner to end the night. Two years ago I would have completely collapsed in exhaustion. Now? Well sure, I have along recovery / post rest time after big days– but I can do it. And thats what matters to me. Three cheers to finally making it (not very far away, on a not very difficult journey, really just down the road) to The Peace Pagoda 😉


  1. You’re so pretty and glowy. I want to be more like that doormat in like, all areas of life. let’s be hermits who hang out together more often, k? xo