Hi friends! How are you?! I’m currently wrapped up in so many layers! It’s chilly here in Colombia! I mean, not all of Colombia, but up here in the mountains? Man, it’s totally cold. It’s been a good trip so far. Internet is scarce— so excuse my absence. I’m going to go ahead and schedule a post for tomorrow, while I have the internet working right now. I have so many thoughts on this trip. I probably wrote five blog posts in my mind last night– at three am when I couldn’t sleep. I took a DNA test a few weeks ago and got the results as soon as I got to Colombia— weird timing, right? So many thoughts. I want to write more bout all of it– but for now, I just wanted to come in here and say hi!

Also, can we just talk about this photo for a minute? I almost jumped out of a moving car to get this shot hahaha. We were driving along the most beautiful country side mountain and road and far in the distance I could see this beautiful pink house. I pointed it out to Marlowe– but then— as we got closer, I squealed! And started repeating “omg stop the car. omg let me out!” That baby donkey!!! Omggggg. The cutest furriest thing I’ve ever seen. How perfect is he, just standing there?! Gah, I love(d) him. I mean, at that point the adorable pink and teal house was secondary.

Our time has been good here. My biggest thought going through my head is concern over every Colombians poor colon. SO much meat. So much cheese. So little water. I literally walked into different stores and asked for water– but NONE carried water! They carried yogurt, milk, soda and whatever else, but no water!  I’m sure everyone adjusts to the climate and what not, but man, us tropical low altitude folk are dehydrated. I’ve had so much water and yet I’m still dry 🙂 Oh but speaking of fiber and water and digestion— MAN there are so many amazing fruits here. All my favorite fruits really. I’ve probably found more fruits that I love here than I have anywhere else– even Guatemala. And so cheap too. The fruit situation has been on point!

Okay– I’m rambling. I have so many photos to show you guys— and sooo many animal friends, haha. But when I get home and the internet is a bit faster 😉  I hope you guys are well! Scheduling some more posts now— chat soon!!

Chow chow 😉


  1. Jesse Larson

    Ohh I’m so excited to read more posts about your trip! I’ve been really interested in learning more about traveling to Colombia recently, but I’m not totally sure how safe it is nowadays! Ive heard its way better than it was 10-15 years ago but I still can’t really get a good sense of where its at now! My boyfriend is Indonesian and we live in Bali together for a lot of the year, but we’ve been wanting to do more traveling this coming year, but there are so few countries that Indonesian passport holders can get into without a visa! However, Colombia is one of those few that he doesn’t need a visa for, which is why I’ve been so interested in it 🙂 Anyways, that was like the longest story ever just to say that I’m so excited to read your posts 🙂

  2. Maria Padilla

    Colombia looks amazing and it’s always nice to have familia to visit when you travel! Definitely on my list of places to visit! I remember doing work building homes in Chile after the tsunami and the one thing that was scarce was fruit! One day, I finally went wandering off on my own in search of some fruit and came across someone’s apple tree in their yard! I know it’s not right to steal but the fruit was dropping off the tree onto the floor so I thought they wouldn’t miss a few apples. When I got back to camp everyone was sitting around the TV watching the World Cup so I sat down and took an apple out. I guess the sound of somebody biting into an apple is a very familiar sound because as soon as I made it necks nearly broke to see who was eating an apple. They turned away from their game to ask where the hell I got that apple from? I didn’t realize that everybody else was so desperate for fruit. We ended up passing around five apples taking one bite and passing it on to the next person. Experiences like that really help to give you perspective as to how precious water, fruits and veggies really are. Anyways I hope you guys are staying hydrated! Please send more pictures!
    Xoxo, Maria

  3. I can’t imagine not having easy access to water, yes spoiled here in the states but water is so important for your health. I get anxious not being able to have it lol. Enjoy your trip.

    • Andrea

      seriously. we’ve been traveling with reusable water bottles, but we’ve been drinking what we have within an hour– and then after that I’m like desperate to find more water and failing at it! It’s so crazy.

  4. Those donkeys are the cutest! Sounds like you having an amazing time. Ooo I’m so interested to hear about your DNA test I was planning to do one as a birthday present to myself but then it turns out it’ll cost nearly $600 to do one here in New Zealand. I’m not sure I can really justify that right now! I’m half Eritrean which is on the edge of the red sea and has been influenced/ conquered by everybody from the Italians, Portuguese, Arabs, Egyptians… and people who come from there can look so different from each other. My dad is pretty dark by Eritrean standards and has afro hair and yet I had light skin and straight hair as a kid, and my two girl’s have straight blonde hair and blue eyes! Anyway I’m rambling but DNA is soooo interesting!

    • Andrea

      oh gosh! 600$?!?! thats ridiculous! I’d hold out and wait till more options head that way. I’m sure they will!!