Alternate title: Pictures of recently enjoyed things in Mystic Connecticut. On our trip up north last month we took a day trip to CT. to see my niece’s dance competition. Afterwards we decided to detour home, stopping for pizza. This worked out… and it didn’t. Everyone else got pizza, I didn’t. But the weather was nice and it all worked out. Thoughts: this image feels very New England to me. Maybe. I can’t decide. Does it? Well, does it feel that way to you?

Us + cute buildings. Oh, and I totally wore a Hawaiian shirt because the competition was at a casino… so it made sense? Maybe? I’m very indecisive on this post… go with it.

That good ole’ New England seaport vibe. Did I ever tell you guys that I worked in a tiny town like this in college? On the water in Rhode Island. Everyday I would open up this tiny gelato + fudge shop, and eat candy and ice-cream all day while playing roller coaster tycoon between helping customers. I probably should have studied and eating real food, but whatever. YOLO. Good times.

There that pizza…. that I never ate…. Also, did I mention that Alex has been mostly vegan lately? I mean, he’s obviously about to indulge in some fatty cheese in this photo– but he is mostly vegan now 🙂 And after watching What The Health, he promised Marlowe and I he would go vegan once he quit his job (he’s gotta taste all the things at work). The only condition was that if a little old lady ever hands him a tamale or something similar, he will not offend her and he will eat it. Fair enough, Alex. fair enough.

Kind of creepy.

Flowers + us.

Flowers + us + my mom 🙂

Sunset chasing.

Blue finding.

Bridge watching.

And a tiny moon…
ps. I have no idea whats going on with the text and photo spacing on my blog. Sorry it’s all wonky guys. Trying to work on it– but I don’t know, a lot of things are kind weird on this end! If anyone out there in computer land knows how to manage WordPress and wants to help, that’d be appreciated, haha. Okay thanksssss byeeee!

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