The best time to post a home post is when we’re away, right? Sounds right to me! Here’s home lately… acai bowls every morning. Marlowe and I agree that one of the things we’ll miss most about Florida is our morning acai routine. Every morning we make acai bowls, then we sit on our front lawn to eat them. We do this so we don’t freeze in the AC, haha. More than likely be too cold to do this when we get to Guatemala. Maybe for lunch, but not in the morning, thats for sure. Oh, and home grown dragon fruit is rad too!
It’s unbearably hot outside– like SO HOT– so the only place we really go outdoors lately is the beach.
tropical fruit goodness.
 the cutest friends.
smoothie dates.
where I’ve been spending most of my time lately.
our acai bowl maker. well, half the time.
still her corner.
we eat a lot of sushi… planning that sushi post you guys asked for though!
three amigas.
snacks at the beach.
mango love.
tie-dye love.
jerry love.


ps. sorry, if you’re super particular like me, then I’m sorry about the formatting of my blog posts still. It’s so visually frustrating for me to have weird spacing and off alignment– working on it.


  1. Hi, would be nice if you put the name of the place where you have taken these pictures. On the 22 the you were in Colombia, is the one with the palm trees somewhere in Colombia and the girl enjoying the mango ? and on the beach, where in Colombia ?
    Keep enjoying yourself.

    • Andrea

      the title says all these photos are from home 🙂
      and for moderation, all comments are moderated before they show– I get about 20 spam comments a day trying to sell junk, so I’d rather approve comments than have those show 🙂