Marlowe went off to camp this morning. I’m sleepy and hoping to maybeeee squeeze in a nap πŸ™‚ But whether that happens or not, I’m hoping to be as productive as I can be because I need to make things happen! (well, productive, you know, outside the nap thing haha. Though naps can be productive too, no?). Wish me luck on a productive week! Also, actually while I have you guys here. Question: we’re traveling to Colombia soon. Should I be packing a parka for Marlowe? That probably sounds ridiculous. But she does have a winter coat… it’s in the 40s there… is that a good idea for a Florida girl? Or nah…? <3<3

PS. Does anyone else think of that Guster song when they hear the word Massachusetts? Only me? Cool.

Also.Β Alex joked that she could probably make it through a 21 hour flight without any complaints. And you know what? I think he’s right. She turns into a zombie with a tv in front of her. It’s a good thing we don’t have one at home right? She’s so focused. You could probably eat ice-cream next to her and she wouldn’t notice. haha.

My mothers porch + pretty flowers forever. I still LOVE this post of my mothers home. Happy little tidbits… all the way from 2011? Jeez, time is crazy.

I have so many pictures of him carrying her. I keep saying I need to get one of my carrying her before I can’t do it anymore.

We’re not in Florida anymore toto, berries!

Breakfast. Same as home… acai bowls outside. But with more layers on πŸ™‚

My little bunny.

Fruit pie. nom nom nom. recipe coming this week! Hooray!

the biggest Indian market I’ve ever been too.. we had a blast, haha.

Friends. Totally normal.

Not nervous 😐 (They’re pretty high up on that cliff :|)

“fat man’s misery”

More climbing. At this moment there was a family behind us and the guy says, “hold on.we don’t want to get in the way, he’s taking a photo of these kids” hahahaha.

Cousins! These three Florida girls all made it to Massachusetts at the same time πŸ™‚ Also? I love how overtime we see them they’re both wearing Marlowe’s old clothes πŸ™‚ Hand me downs are the best!

Always matching.

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