How was your weekend!? We traveled for what felt like, ten million hours on Saturday, cleaned and un-packed like crazy on Sunday, and then today (Monday)… well… I don’t know what I did today. Feels sort of like a lot of nothing. Been trying to be productive, but this last trip wore me out like crazy. I would be SO happy to lay in bed with soup and watch 20 episodes of This Is Us. Have you guys watched the show? I just started watching it on the plane ride down to Colombia. So good. I’ve cried ten and a half million times.

Anyway, enough about that. I can’t wait to share my Colombia photos with you guys– and talk more about the trip (it was a hard/tiring, but good trip). But now? I want to show you guys photos of the prettiest place I’ve EVER been. We have some pretty amazing botanical gardens here in South Florida… but my god, the botanical garden in Montreal is a complete dream. Be sure to put it on your itinerary if you ever visit Montreal.

Before the Botanical Gardens we went to the bio-dome– which I had seem serious deja due moments at– but not one of my family members could confirm or deny that I’ve actually been there, haha. We weren’t even actually sure what the bio dome was– but we showed up and it started to pour rain, so we thought the bio-dome made more sense than the botanical garden. We spent about an hour or so there until the rain cleared out and then we had the most magical weather at the gardens. We really lucked out.

We weren’t strangers to any of the trees we saw— they were all super familiar to us. They even had my favorite flowers there— which I had only really noticed in Guatemala before (And then this past week in Colombia too!)  But despite being so used to so many of the plants, it was still a site to be seen. I just hope my photos can do this place justice.

I took this photo for the sole purpose of Alex knowing how I want our fiddle tree to be trimmed. Nice right? Thinned out– and sort of giving off this serape vibe, but still pretty.

The cactus garden room made me miss Arizona 🙂 That’s a tall one, eh? (there’s the Canadian in me again).

Favorite flowers! (The hanging ones) Look how pretty!

My favorite cactus is tied between the fuzzy one on the right and the giant ones in Arizona that look like they’re waving at you. You guys know which ones I’m talking about?!

This room was a dream.

Every time I see that I read it as, “shortie” #soclose

Front yard inspo. Except. I don’t like red. Also, #soclose. 

Watching videos about saving the earth. Obviously.
Our favorite area was for sure the inside exhibits– but the outside was fun too! A Lot of water from all the before mentioned rain, but still so nice!

New home who’s this?


Them. Sort of wanted to edit out the crane… but mehhhh. #soclose haha.

You know, it’s not a stereotype…. everything in Canada had maple syrup. Our sandwiches, salads, smoothies, soda, everything. We bought this maple syrup sweetened soda, cause duh. But then were super bummed to find that it had sugar too. Should have def. just had soda in my opinion.

He always steals my scarves.

Made friends.

Such a nice day here. The world needs more beautiful botanical gardens– I mean, technically the world used to be a giant botanical garden until we built over it  😉 We should remember that and plant more stuff, ya? I think so 🙂 But seriously, if you guys are ever up there– especially in summer, GO! So gorgeous.


  1. How lovely to visit such a place! I love gardens but I don’t have time or the energy to work much at my own.

  2. I agree! I was so impressed with their gardens and so glad we visited.

    Our local Brooklyn Botanic Gardens had the Patrick Doherty stick houses a few years ago as well – they were pretty neat to see in person so it’s great that they were in Montreal!