How are you friends?! I’m sitting in a space that feels like it’s shrinking on me. My work room is filled with luggage. Originally the idea of packing didn’t scare me, but now, it’s causing me a bit of anxiety. Time is running out. And we’ve changed basically all our travel plans basically last-minute. Ooof. But I’ll talk more about that later. I’ve been taking photos of the packing and other house progress too. I’ll be sharing more details on all that. And if you guys want to know about any other specifics, just ask! I might do another live Instagram story before we fly out too. Who knows.

I just gotta get my stuff together! Pack pack pack, minimize, organize, find a place for us to stay for when we arrive there (eeeeek), so many things.

Oh yeah, so I’m rambling– the point of this post was to come here and let you know that I’m posted a sale in the shop. I want to clear out a bit more stuff before we head out. I might open the shop back up once we’re all settled, but I have no real timeline or plans for that anytime soon. So get your tapestries now! You guys know how I am, I’m not a professional shop girl– It took me 2.5 years to even list anything at all, haha!

So here we are! LAST CHANCE! The last of the packages ship out Wednesday!

Check out THE SHOP and get 25% off using the code: 


Cool? Cool.

Alright friends, I’m off to unpack the things I already packed last month (long story. Again, change of plans). And organize and whatever else. I got loads of Colombia photos coming up. And whatever other things that I can’t remember (so scattered right now).

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Again, let me know if there’s anything you guys want to discuss/hear about 🙂

Thanks! Cheers! Hoorah! Bye!


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