It’s Friday morning. When I woke up this morning I couldn’t tell if Marlowe was up before me or not. She usually is. And I know she is because I can usually hear the sound of the legos knocking or the sound of scissors cutting as she sews together her next design. She is like me, always building, designing, dreaming.

But today I couldn’t tell if she was awake or not. The house was quiet. I got out of bed and decided I would sneak into her room to cuddle with her. But when I stepped out my room,  I could see her little feet poking over the couch. She was happily laying there, totally engulfed in one of her chapter books.

Seven years old this week and one of her favorite activities is curling up all day with a book in hand. There are so many things in myself that I can see in her. And I am grateful for it.

And there are things that I wish I could be, wish I could change about myself, and/or constantly strive to be that I can see in her too. Things that I struggle with, that I can see her being a champion in. I think the fake it tie you make it mentality works in parenting for sure.

I want her to be kind and calm. And so I show her to kind and calm– to the best of my ability. Marlowe doesn’t need to see my internal state of stress and fear right now. And so sometimes she might sense it, but overall I try to show her what calm looks like. Or what composed and level-headed looked like. And what hope and goals for change look like. And I think she does see it. Because Marlowe lives that, without a second thought she is calm and loving and hopeful about everything.

Children are born that way. It’s up to us parents to keep that love growing, to never show them hate, or meanness, or lack of compassion and kindness. It’s up to me to show her what giving is, love is, care and concern for those who have less than we have is.

She is thoughtful and conscious and I am grateful for that. She is a mini me, but better.

The state of the world is scary right now. I really don’t know what our world is going to look like a year from now, five years from now, and more. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I don’t know if it’s going to get better. And I’m scared to think of what the future might look like.

But Marlowe gives me hope. I can look at her and see possibilities. She wants to make the world better, just like I do. She’s only seven, well she’s seven in three days. But if we can get all little kids now, thinking about the future and how we affect our (their world), then there’s a chance.

Marlowe knows that we buy less than we want, just want we need, and we try to make each choice as sustainable-forward as possible. It’s not always about being perfect, it’s just about doing your best.

It was only 5-10 years ago when there was one, MAYBE two dairy free milk options on the shelves of the grocery store. You were lucky to find one vegan ice-cream brand, with three flavor options. The freezer section had a few choices, but not many. But now? Less than a decade later— the change is clear. You can go to the store and see full rows of vegan options. There are entire grocery stores made up completely and exclusively of vegan items. The world is waking up to the fact that the meat and dairy industry is causing global problems. And when there is demand, there is change.

This is happening in the fashion industry too. People are waking up to the fact that fast fashion isn’t sustainable. We need to make an effort to be responsible in our clothing choices. This is a choice we can make. And this is something clothing companies are realizing too. Major companies are seeing the shift and the demand and they are supplying our wants and needs.

I wrote about it recently, but Athleta is now coming out with not just a few, but A LOT of eco-friendly options. And I am grateful. And it made me so pleased to see that this isn’t just happening with their adult line, but they’ve started incorporating this in the kiddo line too.

You guys know, we work on being mindful everyday. And I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but Marlowe is hoping to start a kids meditation group. Teach them and they will teach others too. Our world is scary right now, but it’s not too late to make some changes. I want Marlowe’s life to be a positive one in a positive world– but we have to make the change now, collectively.

Shop Athleta’s sustainable line on their site. The sustainable pieces are the ones with the little globe on the photo 🙂 Great for home lounging, yoga or fitness classes, or to be honest, everywhere. Beause so many of their pieces are designed to blend into everyday life.

Also, I have no shame, these pants make my butt look nice. I think they’re going to by my new travel pants. I could never travel with regular yoga pants before, because the lack of pockets. But these have pockets and look good 😉


Cheers friends. I hope you guys have a good weekend. Full of light, love, and hope.

*this post is sponsored by Athleta. All thoughts and opinions are my own 😉 


  1. I bought the sweatshirt you are wearing in the pictures last year and I wore it all. the. time. Soooo comfortable.