Happy Friday friends! Did you have a good week? This is out-of-order, but I thought you guys would appreciate a post on this beautiful house in Colombia! And we’ll get to my other Colombia posts laterrrr! K? SO! We took a quick overnight trip to Villa De Leyva during our stay with my grandma (in Chia). And I could not resist stop by Casa Terracota.

What a freaking dream! Marlowe and I are still asking for Alex to build us our own house like this, haha! I mean, realistically, the place needs a hell of a lot more pillows, cushions, and soft fluffy things before it can be cozy enough for my taste, but it’s still pretty freaking cool. It had this Beetlejuice feel to it— but then with the floral designs, well, I don’t know. I just don’t know how to describe it.

We had stopped by the dinosaur museum first for Marlowe— (apparently Boyaca was an ocean (well, technically it was under an ocean) there are a ton of ocean dinosaur fossils there. So cool! And then headed to this scenic stop for me. But I gotta tell you, as un- kid-friendly as a self guided house tour could be, Marlowe equally fell in love with this place. I think Alex liked it too, but had fear in his head about how much Marlowe and I would pester him to build our own one day 😉

I’m sure there’s a whole story on the website with the hows and why of this place– but I’ll be totally honest, I don’t feel like going through it now– so you can check it out for yourself if you want to learn more, haha. I’ll just be here to show you all the pictures of our visit there…. and I’ll pretend to live here while I revisit the photos, k? K.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Drea and Marlowe wearing socks and boots. (A rare thing).

Look at my new sink to wash dishes in! What a dream! And a good size to give a baby or a pet a bath in too!

This is our new dining room— we decided to have our tableware match our table.

Ooooh we even have a new skylight!

And a creepy hanging spider thing over our stairs (you see the Beetlejuice vibe?)

Oooh and look they built an actual stairway to heal on top of our house! How nice of the designers to do that for us!

Marlowes bet. Nice, cute, and hard as a rock.

I really only selfie in mirrors and while on vacation.

Even out toilet is fancy. Seriously though, bathroom goals.

Yes, I do frequently shower with pants and boots on #nevernude.

Alex… probably taking mental notes on how the place was built so he can build one for me one day… right?

We have neighbors.. but they’re not too close.

I have nothing to say on this one… you say something…
I often just stand in front of my house and think “I love you….. alex for building me this house”
Us, waving hello… to all your people who are jealous of our new house.


Alright friends. None of this was funny… but it was slightly helpful to me to take my mind of trying to pack. But seriously: freaking cool, right? Like I said, Colombia wasn’t all easy, but it was a pretty great trip… especially finding completely random places like this in seemingly the middle of no where. Like a tourist trap, but actually pretty! Alright, I’m off to try to get ready for bed!

I hope you guys have a great Friday and great weekend ahead! Cheers!