We did a mini road trip while in Colombia. A lot of people had asked if we worried about driving through Mexico to Guatemala when we were planning it. And my answer was always “no”. I was actually more scared of driving through Colombia than I was of Guatemala. Not that I was especially scared of driving through Colombia… but if I had to pick, the anxiousness certainly went up in Colombia.

In general, the drivers of Colombia are crazy. And I don’t think any Colombian would fight me on this fact. They are. It’s like being in a live action video game. But we decided to go for it. My aunt was so sweet. She printed out a mini map for us with a list of every church we should visit,  hid a rosary bead in Marlowe’s back pack, and sent us on our way haha 🙂
We made our first stop in the small town of Chiquinquira Colombia.  We stopped at our first church and stretched our legs. We also stopped and got lunch. We ordered the plate of the day– chickpeas, rice, and meat, with no meat for lunch. The chickpeas came out fully loaded in all sort of cow parts. We ate the rice and went on our way.

At this point I was very well into accepting that veganism is almost unheard of and vegetarianism is rare in Colombia. It’s also interesting when visiting these small towns where you know very well that you’re the only tourist in the town.
I went to take a photo of the fruit cart… and another fruit cart walked right up too. Perfect, right?

Afterwards we went slightly off the path to visit a small town of Raquira.

Even though it was pretty empty (mid week, post holiday weekend) we were definitely not the only tourists in this town. This town was designed for tourists to fall in love with colors and buy pretty things. You know– for suckers like me.

There were cute puppies there.

Between Guatemala and Colombia, I think Colombia has the prettier hammocks for sure. Honestly, I refrained from buying a lot of things (basically everything) and now I sort of regret it. As we’re looking for a rental, and I’m failing on this whole minimalism thing– I’m wanting to buy cute things to decorate our home. Visiting countries with the most beautiful handmade things + minimalism don’t mix guys.

All in all, we felt really safe in Colombia. Traffic was crazy, but I didn’t feel nervous in any of the towns we visited. Never was there a moment of discomfort. The weather was great, the people were kind and had the best manners (haha), and we’d totally do it all again <3

I hope you guys are well! answering all your questions on Guatemala for the next post! I walked on the highway to get to the dentist today. You guys probably know my intense fear with the dentist— well, try doing it in another country, haha. It was an experience, but went well 😉

<3<3 As always, let me know if you’re looking for more info on things. Thanks for being here!

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