Hello there!

How are you guys?! I’m running around like crazy trying to get my life sorted out, haha. On the food end, things have been good. We’re working our way through all the pantry items to use them up before we leave. Whatever is left (rice, so much rice! we bought a ton for the hurricane!) will end up donated. So yeah, we’ve been over-dosing on rice and potatoes lately. I still have big stash of sweet potatoes left over from the hurricane to eat too. Marlowe still hates sweet potatoes though, so she’s been having potatoes in different cooked formats 😉 I hope you guys are well! And I hope you guys find inspiration in our (quick + badly photographed) food and get some good meal ideas! Cheers friends!
An aloo gobi of sorts + brown rice.
oven baked (oil free) fries, kale chips, plantains. side of nutritional yeast.
Side of roasted broccoli. And our favorite miso soup. I was recently told thee is no miso to be found in Antigua. I’m not sure Marlowe will make it out alive.
Stir fried veggies and millet noodles.
Taco night!
Sushi-rito 🙂
Her favorite kale salad + chickpeas added in.
Aloo gobi, a red veggie curry, and a blend of pink and brown rice (I told you, were trying to go through the rice)
Brown rice, salad with the super easy ginger carrot dressing, roasted broccoli, and shaved carrots.
Cooked kale, baked plantains, cauliflower + potato mash.
Did I post this already? apples, banana, raisins, and coconut flakes.
Eggplant tomato pasta. 
Veggie fried rice (similar to the one in the cookbook— but made oil free.)
Noodles, greens, and raw veggies in miso tahini dressing.


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Inspiring as always Drea – thank-you so much for sharing Marlowe’s incredibly delicious and nutritious little meals. You’re such an incredible mother.

  2. Made the carrot ginger dressing today and it was sooo good and satisfying. Also- neither of my girls will eat sweet potatoes and I don’t understand it at all!

  3. Laurali Star

    How do you make the sushirito? That looks good 🙂

    ~Laurali Star

  4. Arabella

    I love, love these post. This list right here could be our weekly meal plan. All the dishes sound simple, quick, tasty. Thank you