How are you guys? I’m good. A bit chilly— wearing a scarf wrapped around my head. The temperature is probably around 65-75 degrees outside, but the AC is blaring in our room and I’m a sandy when it comes to that stuff. Makes me sort of nervous to drive up to Massachusetts in less than a week haha.

We’re trying to figure out our life plans for the next few months, and well, now we really don’t have much of anything planned– just a bunch of ideas thrown around all over the place. Lately I’ve moved more away from the Europe idea and moving more into debating the warm tropical regions of the world. I feel like I’ll need a warm place to escape the winter. Right now all we know is that we’ll definitely be driving up to Asheville for a few days (starting this coming weekend). But we’re not sure how long we’ll be there. We’ll be staying with some of our favorite people though— and with no real plans, well, we’re not in a rush to do anything. Then we’re off to Massachusetts. We know we want to make some stops on the way– you know, in-between Asheville and Massachusetts, but again… we have no idea where. You guys can see we’re really on top of figuring out our life now… we don’t even have next week planned. All we know is we can’t and won’t be home.

It’s just crazy how sometimes life works out, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Yeah, we can mostly blame the pregnancy on my life is crazy nostalgic thoughts. But it is, isn’t it? I mean, two and a half years ago I didn’t even know if I would be here today. And by “be here today” I mean alive. Let alone sitting on a gently swaying cruise ship growing a baby. I asked, Alex tonight, “isn’t it crazy that we’re having a baby?” and he apparently doesn’t share my sentiments because he replied, “um, not that really. I don’t think its crazy. It makes sense. Though I’m sure it’s different on your end” Well, fine. But it is crazy to me.

It’s also crazy that just a few weeks ago we had arrived in Guatemala ready to move there. And just a few months ago we picked up our whole lives and rearranged it to make it possible to move to Guatemala. We then planned our 3 week drive to Guatemala, only to change that at the very last-minute too. But then think about that— if we hadn’t changed our drive– I would have probably been halfway to Guatemala, finding out I was pregnant. It wouldn’t have been nearly as easy to turn around and make our way back home (even if we were only home a week). Sure, we definitely lost some money in the move to Guatemala/shift right back to the states… but not the much. We really didn’t lose much. And Alex jokes, “think of all the money you saved getting your dental work done in Guatemala!” and you know, what? he’s not wrong. Truly… if you factor in my dental work, I basically saved us money going to Guatemala haha. But what if we did drive? Then what? Would we have to pick up and drive right back? What would we have done? I have no idea.

All I know is that I am grateful to have everything work out the way it did. I mean, sure, we could have maybe planned the pregnancy thing a bit better with our life timeline, but that’s not exactly how the thing works. And it doesn’t matter. Sure, my dream of moving there (or moving away from the states in general) isn’t working out now, but it’s fine– we’re good. We’re safe. We’re healthy. And however life works out, it will be fine.

After all the “no no no more babies” posts over and over– we’re here. And we’re happy. My morning sickness is substantially better now. The difference is truly crazy. I can eat full meals without problems. I’m queasy at the thought of certain foods (sorry pizza, I’m SO done with you), but overall, I’m feeling good.

I’m thankful for life now, for a pregnancy I can celebrate with family, for this space here, and for you guys. My pregnancy with Marlowe started this space. It’s how and why I have so many amazing (write home happy tears of joys about) experiences with my family. And even if I didn’t make a dime here, I’d write and pour my minds grapes out. I really care for it. And as some of you know, this isn’t my first blog. I started writing long before ohdeardrea. It always sort of surprises me when you guys come forward and tell me you used to read my thoughts in the live journal days. But gosh I’m grateful for it. For anyone who hasn’t personally met me, to care for so long, well, gosh that means a hell of a lot. Thank you for caring. I’m going to go now before I get too sappy and potentially cry. But know that you guys caring? It means the world to me.

I truly find over and over that things often happy for a reason or work out how they should. And whatever reason you’re here — or we’re here, I’m grateful for it. Thank you.


  1. I have been following your blog for many years now. I think its the first time I have commented. You need to move down here to Australia! We moved here from the UK nearly 13 years ago (was only meant to be 2 years)!! Lovely and warm this time of year too!! And an incredible place for kids. xx

  2. I just have one thing to say regarding this post… move to New Zealand! Ha! Okay so we’re sub tropical rather than tropical and the winters are a drag but I couldn’t think of a more incredible place to raise kids. Just saying ;). xx

  3. Hey Drea,

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Can you post an update on your diet now that you are carrying another one and also traveling/eating out so much? How do you balance the healthy foods from the chips/bread/etc?

  4. I have only been following for the last few years but I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your words. You are an incredibly inspiring individual and I would absolutely love to one day meet you in person.

  5. Lovely post and with life you must adjust. Things change and that’s okay! I’ve been following along since Marlowe was in reusable nappys and I found a post you had useful and then recipes I enjoyed, now I just like reading your thoughts. So thanks for sharing. Enjoy this blissful stage of growing another human ✨

  6. Thank you for always being open and sharing. I’m in a weird space right now and feel like I’m not where I should be and wow, just reading the many shifts and changes you dealt with in the past few months reminds me that things do happen for a reason. Hopefully that’s true for me now as well and I am supposed to be where I am and it will lead to better things. Congratulations 🙂 I can’t wait to see all the amazing things coming!

  7. What a lovely post Drea. Congratulations on the baby, that’s wonderful news, so exciting for you all. You have me thinking about how many years I’ve been reading your blog. A lo-o-o-ng time, since Marlowe was tiny. How it all flies by, with many adventures on the way. I’m looking forward to hearing about this next adventure. CJ xx