Thank you for working with me in this tough time. Thanks for dealing with the downs and the slow points of this space. For dealing with my sadness and moods. I wanted to post something happy today. Clear air to clear the air. To say that the last two months (the last three years) have been hard, would be an understatement. It’s been rough and a true test. But we’re still making it through.

But today, a happy a post.
Something that gave me a true and real smile in the past month or so.

Before we took off to move to Guatemala, the question came up: could we live without the beach. I thought, “sure, of course we can… as long as it’s warm.” Well it turned out the warm of Antigua was warm, but maybe not warm enough. And it turns out I need the beach more than I ever had before. For me, the beach is healing, cleansing, it brings renewal and peace. I’ve needed this always, but especially in recent years.

Alex and I both agree we could and would move to Guatemala again. Maybe not now, we’re not ready to pick up and try to make the trek back over, but we would again… sometime, one day. But next time? Closer to the beach. Our few weeks in Antigua were hectic. We were searching for a home and trying to plan a future with a new pregnancy. I was mostly in bed first because of my dental problems, then due to morning sickness, and found difficult in standing, eating, breathing, and just about everything, haha. And so we spent much of our time trying to make a plan for Guatemala and much of our time planning our leave… both options, just in case. In the last week, I was pretty much set on heading home. I wrote about this.

But we decided, one last trip within Guatemala, before leaving Guatemala: the beach.

While I was sick as a dog and hardly functioning, this option made sense. I thought, how much worse could I feel at the beach? I often this think way: “how much worse can it be?” and sometimes it bites me in the ass, and sometimes it works to my advantage. This time it truly worked to my advantage. Because even en route to the beach I could feel a noticeable difference in my breathing and nausea. The drop in elevation was easing my symptoms. And once we arrived to the beach? I felt new again. Not 100% by any means, butI felt more alive than I had the three weeks prior for sure.

Marlowe once we arrived to the salty aired beach. We could see a noticeable shift in Marlowe too. Her joy and adventure came in full on– wanting to get outside and explore in the sunshine again. I think she was feeling stuck in a rut in the last few weeks in Antigua too. Not that there was problems with Antigua, but figuring it all out was wearing on us and certainly her too. Of course figuring out life when pregnant is always a bit more challenging than vacationing to a favorite place 🙂

Them: laughing at me. I had said, “gosh I love it here, it’s so warm and sunny.I love the beach.” And Alex replied, “geez mom, I wonder where else we could be that was warm and sunny with a beach right there” And so they laughed. We moved to a beautiful country and I was finding the most happiness at the warmth of the beach… that I found and could find in my own back yard. Of course, right?

On vacations I eat corn…

and she eats paletas…..

We stayed in El Paredon. It’s not exactly a well known travel destination, but gosh, it was amazing. It’s this tiny town with about three hotels to stay at (maybe?), no paved roads, maybe a restaurant or two, not much at all really. Not even a grocery or market. But it was a dream. Specifically, we stayed at Paredon Surf House. We had our own private bungalow to sleep in, but spent most of our time on the secluded beach. A welcoming and happy dream place for sure. We all look forward to going back one day.

We also explored. The town isn’t more than maybe 6 blocks, on one road. And you walk the to end of the road and there is a lake area with boats waiting. And the next town over? It’s only accessible by said boats. That is how you get to any sort of market too… everyday life for some.

The end of the road…

Transport… To take a boat to the next town it’s not more than a few cents… and about 14$ if you want put your car on a boat and transport it. Which seems insanely nerve wracking, haha.


This photo makes me want cry right now. Not in a bad way…but man.. what I’d give to be there right now.

Marlowe had her first experience sleeping in a mosquito net. It went well, but honestly, the mosquitos in Guatemala are passive. Nothing like Florida and Mexico. Not in my experience anyway. We never had a problem and rarely wore bug spray. And outdoor showers are pure joy, guys.

One of the coolest things about El Paredon? Sunrise and sunset both take place on the beach. How amazing is that? If that’s not pure amazing joy, I’m not sure what is. A day, full sun. And our first black sand beach experience too. Which looks awesome, but having the all day sun on the black sand? Heat blisters are waiting if you don’t go ahead with caution!  Barefoot time is mornings and evenings. Shoes are a must midday.

Tired sunset selfies. You can see the pure exhaustion in our faces. We wouldn’t trade our short-lived Guatemala experience, but it definitely wasn’t easy. I think we both wish it could have gone differently, but are okay with how it turned out.. because we have to be… Even if everything recently ended how it did. There is no way to change it, just have figure out whats next. And for sure, the beach will be part of any future equation.

We both felt home here. Marlowe too. But again, vacation is easier than figuring out a move. And if I wasn’t pregnant, we probably would have opted to bring the rest of our things and stay for a few more weeks here before figuring out the rest of new journey. But I was pregnant. So we didn’t.

But regardless, this was a needed break. An awakening to what we really thrive in: heat, sun, and salt.

Waking up at sunrise and running out to beach, just footsteps away. And then you are the only people within viewing distance on a completely secluded beach? Surreal. Dreamlike for sure. 




A release for these little guys too. While I can go on and on and on about the perks of Guatemala and our preference to the country over the United States, it does have its problems too (of course). But people are working on protecting and bettering it, and that’s all we can ask. Regardless of the reasons for necessary sea turtle protection and release, I’m glad Marlowe got to experience this. Releasing sea turtles into the wild, visiting towns with little to no electricity, people often living without running water, seeing so many ways of true living in her short time on earth: I’m grateful for all her experiences. And I hopes is too. And that she will be later.

Our future travel plans are up in the air, but our visit to El Pardon showed up we’re happiest somewhere warm and where beach is accessible. Right now we have three tangible options in front of us (for vacation, not living). 1. California and Hawaii. Something we’ve done before, but still enjoyable and easy for sure. 2. South India/Sri Lanka. 3. And South East Asia. All warm, full of sun, beach, and fruit for sure. Where we want to be.
We may have no idea where we’re going next. Or where we’ll truly move and live. We have no idea what the next month or six months will look like, but theres something happy here. Here in the idea of living in sunshine with the people I care for most.

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