Hi friends. I was working on a few posts this week and I started getting anxious that there was more things I wanted to say than time I was allowing myself to write. I’m sure people don’t get angry when I’m lacking in posts– this isn’t a news source by any means. But I do put quite a bit of pressure on myself to stay regularly. Which I haven’t done AT ALL in the last two months or so. But I think you guys definitely know and understand why. It’s just been a lot. Lucky for me I just found a What Marlowe Eats posts within my draft box.

I saw this post and I sort of kicked myself in the butt and celebrated at the same time. I could have posted this two months ago, when it was originally drafted, haha. But hey, we can share this post now while I work only more wordy and time extensive posts, ya? I’m writing a health update post since I know some of you were asking for that.I feel like I’ve made a lotto process in understanding my bodies own process. But it’s complicated and will be a bit of work to have the post make any sort of sense.

I’m hoping to start making more recipes soon while I’m here in Massachusetts. As long as I can figure out the lack of sunlight-lighting thing. We (mostly Alex) has been cooking A LOT of things. And not just what we typically eat, but experimenting a little more too. So hopefully we’ll be creating those recipes soon. This is the last What Marlowe Eats post with home meals at our florida home that you’ll be seeing for a long, long time. I have one more in draft (made it last night) and it’s a bunch of meals she’s had whole traveling (always more difficult to feed her while traveling, unless we’re in Jamaica or somewhere where we can find Ethiopian food haha).

To be honest, I’m never thrilled with these posts, I feel like the photo quality is whatever, but I know that at the end of the day that doesn’t matter much. The most important thing about these posts (and I’m sure you all agree) is not necessarily the pretty pictures, but the simple and straight forward meal ideas. Right? Right! And I mean, I like making food and eating it, not spending all my time taking photos of my warm, soon to be cold food 😉

I am starting to feel somewhat normal again. Finally back on the computer. Wanting to be productive (as productive as I can). You know, living. I have a lot of posts in draft. Mostly life posts on recent happenings. But if you have any more informational posts you want to see (or anything at all), please don’t hesitate to ask. Onto the food!
Snack time. Kale salad (minus the sweet potato and quinoa), oven baked oil-free fries, hummus, carrot sticks.
kale and veggie tomato stew, oil-free baked tofu sticks, and pureed mashed potatoes and cauliflower. (Why they look greenish here, I dont know).
Taco night. When we have taco night I use lettuce wraps instead of corn. But for Marlowe she gets corn tortillas, black beans, avocado, and here she has a side of broccoli for her green. I think she had some of the cabbage slaw too. There’s also a dish of spicy tomato zucchini— not for M. Cause the girl hates zuchinni still.
Baked plantains, steamed garlic broccoli, red kidney beans, potato and cauliflower mash.

Carrots, and broccoli, with millet noodles in a ginger garlic sauce.

Cauliflower and cabbage curry in a tomato coconut sauce.

GF avocado toast with shaved carrots and her favorite (and super easy to make) ginger carrot salad.

Sometimes dinner looks like this for us. Oven baked fries (sweet potato and regular for me, no sweet potato for her) and kale chips OR kale salad. When Alex left his job, I was only nervous about one thing: our dinners. Marlowe and I are not always super fancy with our dinner. We are sometimes, but a lot of the times we just want to eat fries and greens. I was nervous Alex would not be down with our lazy dinners. And to be honest, he originally wasn’t. But now he’s embraced them full on and we sometimes all eat fries and greens for dinner haha.

Also, more noodles. This one has cabbage, toasted sesame seeds, and more herbs. She’s hit or miss with fresh herbs. Usually good with basil, sometimes weary with cilantro. 🙂

Shepards pie! I posted this only insta stories theater day and a lotto you guys where asking about it. You can find the recipe in my cookbook. So Alex made this the other day and my mom was all like, “omg this is so amazing, Alex. I need the recipe!!!” And I’m like, “umm mom. items recipe. It’s my cookbook I gave you” and she was like, “oh I didn’t see it.” THANKS MOM. She loves Alex more than she loves me. Well, we’ve created a list of who she loves more. First Marlowe, then Alex, then Jerry, THEN me. Love you mom.
Thats a very happy child with a large amount of veggie sushi in front of her.
Eggplant tomato pasta. She loves this one. We use brown rice pasta. We use the same recipe posted, but without oil and it works out fine 🙂
Apples and peanut butter. A loved snack.


  1. To be honest, what drew me to this blog in the first place was the food. In addition to that, I really love when you write about wellness topics and topics along the lines of helping earth.

    When you turned it into a travel blog, I lost a lot of my interest. It became less relatable to me.

    You have a really sweet family and we have similar beliefs, but you became less accessible somewhere along the way. I miss the old blog material.

    • Andrea

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I stopped adding food when I got sick because my diet got just a bit too complicated. But over the past year or so I have made sure to put recipes here and there. It’s not so much that I turned into a travel blog. I mean, I blog about travel for sure, but it’s primarily a family blog. You know, we weren’t supposed to be traveling now, we’re in this situation due to unfortunate circumstance, we were supposed to making home in guatemala now, but it just didn’t work out that way. And since our home in florida is rented out for months, well, we’re making the best of our situation and traveling. Still a family, still living the same, just currently a bit nomadic.

      • Of course, I totally get that. It’s your blog and you should be able to write about what you want. It just sucks because you were one of the few blogs I enjoyed reading and what drew me here has become less and less. I’m sure there are a lot of people who enjoy the new dynamic. I just preferred the old format personally, as it was the reason I came here in the first place. That’s all.

      • Andrea

        Yeah, if I could go back in time and never get deathly sick from c. diff I totally do it in a heart beat. Womp.

      • Whoa….I wasn’t even talking about your c. diff. I have colitis, so I totally have sympathy for that but okay. I wasn’t speaking of your illness or personal life whatsoever. I guess constructive criticism isn’t allowed on this blog. I’ll keep that in mind from here on out.

    • Andrea

      I’ve been meaning to do a red curry recipe!We typically put greens + chickpeas in it, I just mixed it up this time. But thats the best thing about curry that as long as you make a delicious base, you can put whatever veg you have in the fridge 😉