Hello! How are you guys?! It’s currently mid morning over here in Nepal. I literally just took this photo two seconds ago– so you can see an active description of what my morning looks like. We are about to pack up a small bag and head out of Kathmandu city to a hotel a bit higher in the mountains— or at least out of the valley. We’re aiming for cleaner air and a better view of the Himalayas.

After a few days of exploring, we took a day to relax yesterday. It was good. I guess today might be an extension of that, because you know, my body isn’t the same as it once was. Travel isn’t go go go anymore. But go and rest go and rest. I have tonssss of photos to share with you guys! From here and more from France too. (You can see my Paris ones here— with restaurants too!)

ANYWAY! I just came in to ask, WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE HERE? I have a ton of questions coming in on insta— a lot about not getting sick (or kids getting sick) while traveling, budgeting for travel, vegan stuffs, etc. But I figured I should ask here too! Feel free to comment here or email me if you feel more comfortable with that!

I want to make sure this space is still interesting for you guys. I know I haven’t been posting as much while we’re on the road here, but I want to be! It’s just that honestly sometimes I struggle to know what content you guys want to see and I don’t want to post it if it’s not great! Or sometimes,  what happens is that I have too much to say and not enough private time to actually sit down and get my thoughts out. But I want to!

So ask away! It can be practical type stuff like food, travel, money– or it can be totally personal stuff too, like anxiety, depression, whatever. I’m open. I’ll probably do a few bigger posts on the topics asks and then maybe one longer posts with all the leftover random questions in one post too 🙂

Thanks for being here guys! I’m off to put on far more layer than I’ll ever feel comfortable in and go try to see some snowy mountains! Cheers!


  1. What is it like trying to eat vegan in a country where you don’t speak the language?? I know you said your Colombia trip was a little rough – how do you manage when you’re not finding things that fit into your diet? I want to travel more and don’t want to come across like an entitled American but I also don’t want to give up my beliefs on food!

  2. I love all your posts Drea but I think you’ve never talked about child vaccination. It’s a huge thing to me, I’m reading a lot and trying to make up my mind around vaccines these days. So what are your thoughts? Do you follow recommended vaccination schedule or not at all (or not vaccinate at all)? Thank you Drea and enjoy your travels xxx

  3. What tips would you have for travelling in a non English speaking country for those of us with dietary restrictions? I am in the process of planning a trip (to France, actually), and as a vegetarian I’m a little unsure of how to prepare. Is it enough to learn a few phrases about what you do/don’t eat or would you be better off with a guide? I would so appreciate any insight you have! 🙂

    Love your blog!

  4. Sorry for being a negative voice in all the positive comments, but I just read Emma’s comment and thought: yes – flying is very bad for the environment. And while you state that you are teaching your kid how to live a life in which she takes care of this world, you take her around the world in airplanes, showing her implicitly that it does not matter at all. and there are other things that make me think- I remember you writing once about buying the cheapest bananas; and while this may not always be the case, mostly a cheap product just means that someone does not get paid well enough for it, or that it comes from a huge company which means that all the small companies trying to sell their products and earn an income have to close down.

    I know in comparison to other americans you might be an idol in environmentally friendly living, but imo there are still a lot of question marks, and I think this is a case of the so called “rebound-effect” where people’s attempt to save energy are cancelled out by changing their behaviour. Maybe just something to think about.

    • Andrea

      hey hey! will be answering this and all other questions in future post, but I figured I should answer the banana one here since it doesn’t really fit in the travel topic, haha. When I post/posted about cheap bananas it’s in regards to bananas being an extremely affordable fruit. You get a lot of bang for your buck. When I’ve purchased even cheaper bananas, it’s been because it’s on a whole sale basis. Funny enough we were actually talking about this very thing yesterday. Because my mom buys all her frozen fruit from Trader Joes. And Alex was saying how it is significantly cheaper there than anywhere else we’ve seen. And we were both discussing our curiosity in why– is it migrant labor? or subpar leftovers from larger companies? or one of the other handful of reasons. We’re very wary of this.Especially coming from south florida. We unfortunately have a large migrant farm community– and we know well that they aren’t treated as they should be. Honestly, we stopped shopping at Publix for this reason. They are awful with their wages for this community. There was a big problem years ago where migrant workers were on strike to raise the price of tomatoes just a cent or two to increase their pay and Public refused to even recognize them. It’s really awful especially because Public always brands themselves as the neighborhood community based super market that cares about people. Obviously not.

      But re flying: really, we dont even do it that much. And like you’re right in compassion to most people we’re pretty good. We dont use a car much at all, other than a small handful of road trips we went on. There was a point where we didn’t drive for almost three months straight other than an uber here or there. And when we do drive, we own a prius. Also we dont ever show marlowe that what she does has no impact. We teach her the opposite– that EVERY action she take has an impact. We even travel with out own straws just to make a point that any bit of extra plastic is wasted plastic. She is fully aware that air (and all travel) uses energy from the earth. But she also needs to know that she’s not expected to live under a rock to never use an ounce of energy– thats not how the world works. This sounds snarky— and I 100% dont mean it to be AT ALL– but I’m sure you use transportation at some point in your day, charge your iPhone, use a laptop, light bulbs, and wear clothes just like every else. We all do it. You’re not sitting under a rock either 😉 We just have to be mindful of each of these activities (and all the thousands of other choices) we make and do our best.

  5. I’ve always been wondering what your thoughts on flying are? Since you live very environmental friendly in general, but of course flying is very bad for the environment. Do you compensate this in any way?

    Also, what’s your favorite place in the world thus far? (haha I know this is a mean question)

  6. My question: How are you guys so cool? 😉

    And also, I’d love to hear how you work your work time (writing posts, editing photos, posting to Insta, etc) while on the road, especially since I know internet can be so sketchy at times.

    So, neither of those were Nepal questions, oops!

  7. I never get tired of your recipes! Another favorite is a picture an hour.

  8. I had posted a question a little while back on what your thoughts are on wearing down, wool, leather, etc. as a Vegan?

  9. I would love to know more about how you budget and choose flights. We love to travel but usually choose to drive places in the states. I also have such a hard time just choosing where to go?

  10. I am also interested in knowing how you are financing all of this travel. I know professional blogging pays, but I also know how expensive international travel is.

  11. Hi Drea, I’m really interested in the process of renting your home on Airbnb. I just read an article regarding short term rentals of less than 30 days in Florida and how some counties/cities don’t allow it and laws are changing because of all the rentals. My brother-in-law bought a place in Florida and he’s thinking of renting it out, which is how the subject came up. Do you have to register with the city and pay sales tax on rentals? Do you have to have the fire department inspect? Occupancy permits? I would love to hear the details of the process from someone actually going through it. Thanks!

  12. I know you all have a particular diet you follow (I’m a Celiac, so I must have gluten free foods). What are your tips for eating abroad? How best to overcome language barriers to ensure safe eating? The whole thing seems so daunting to me, but it looks so fun when you’re doing it!

  13. hello Drea!!!
    you are living only with the money of the blog?
    you have savings? Do they have other income?

    I’m sorry, but I’m sure it’s an interesting topic.

    Sorry again, for my horrible english in progress.

    Love you guys

  14. Food- what you and Marlowe are eating. Travel- how you find where to stay. How to pick a location to visit. Shopping while traveling. Travel pics are my fave!