I keep a little folder with all the photos (that I remember to take) of what Marlowe eats. Then once I’ve compiled a big pile of photos I sort and edit them. I’m not great at keeping up with this lately. I’m not sure why. I think maybe (but not definitely) because we’ve been on the road so much. And whatever it is, I struggle to take photos (of food) when we’re on the road.

But then here I was, sorting through these photos and realized I had a bunch of photos from a bunch of food we ate, while traveling. Again. And I know I’ve said it, but feeding Marlowe (and maybe all kids?) is easier at home. It gets a little more sloppy while out and a little less healthy too. But we do our best for sure.

Some of these meals were made inner tiny rental in the few weeks we lived in Guatemala and many were out and about while traveling… at hotels, restaurants, or wherever. I’ll have another post some of some poor quality winter food photos here in Worcester, but here are some brighter photos for now. And then we hit the road again… and if you guys are interested we can share how and what we feed our kid through Nepal and india (I think we settled on india after Nepal). Nepal should be easy. We plan to feed her daal (her favorite) and momo’s all day long. Daal makes life easier all the time haha. (You can see our favorite easy and vegan daal recipe here). India… well, we’ll see. She LOVES Indian food, but can’t handle a chili pepper to save her life. Might be a rice vacation for Marlowe 😉 Just gotta do our best when we’re without a home base, ya know? 🙂
Breakfast: fresh fruit, granola, raisins, and almond milk… unless it was oat milk, I don’t remember. One of the two. During our stay in Lake Atitlan.
In our tiny Antigua apartment, sautéed veg (cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes), Guatemalan style black beans, tortilla from the corner lady, and avocados.
Again on the lake: those Guatemalan black beans again, pineapple, watermelon, tortillas, and fried plantains. Terrible food combining I’m sure but delicious.

Pineapple! It’s a big deal. Guatemala made her fall in love with pineapple! So happy about this because I love pineapple and I think everyone should love it haha.
Mish-mash meal: red beans, stewed plantain, some sort of lo-mein, and veg sushi!  Mmmm I know there’s a blizzard outside now (we’re still in Massachusetts) but I could go for some sushi!
You’re starting to see a trend with Marlowe’s food preference in Guatemala, aren’t you? Black beans, plantains, avocado, tortillas.
There’s that favorite Indian food! This was a tomato-y curry with potatoes and cauliflower. It was the one Indian place we found in Antigua. SO SO SO over-priced, but delicious.
When I was in Guatemala, the morning sickness hit me HARD. Really hard. ALL DAY LONG. It was a nightmare. I could hardly drink water. We found these organic instant ramen packs at the natural food store in town and I stocked up like crazy. I ate a lot of these. And by default, so did Marlowe.
Veggie Jamaican roti. So delicious. It’s one of my favorite meals in south Florida (Hollywood to be exact). And she loves it too. Even the beets. Filled with beets, carrots, lettuce, marinated mushrooms, avocado, some sort of dressing. I don’t know whats all in there, but its delicious.
Veggie pasta in Colombia. We loved this little spot in Villa de Leyva. After finding nothing but meat and cheese for days, this was paradise.
Burrito loving in Asheville. She said her favorite food is daal, but I often wonder if it’s actually black bean burritos. This one was avocado, black beans lettuce, and tofu scramble.

Avocado toast. So good. We stopped for a quick breakfast on Miami Beach after our staycation in Brickell. That was a great weekend 😉 So warm and sunny… would love to be there now 😉 One day one day.

Alright friends. I’m off to veg out before I have to bundle up and help Alex shovel us out of this snow. I hope you’re well and warm 😉 Cheers friends!


  1. I love, love these What Marlowe eats posts so keep them coming during your traveling (especially in Nepal, India – wherever you go)! Thank you, Drea!!!

  2. Where is Marlowe’s outfit from, the white t with blue shapes and pink pants with black pants? Love it!

  3. Marlowe and that big slice of bread. Love it 🙂 xx

  4. Wheres the place in Hollywood? thats where I live!