Hi friends, how are you? Thank you so much for all your sweet words on my posts (blog and insta) about Jerry. He’s definitely missed. We’re doing okay though. Figuring it all out. It’ll be weird to eventually make our way home with no pup by our side.

I posted about this on instagram the other day, but I have a whole bunch of pictures, never shared. Photos I just store and keep. And eventually I share them on the days my health is iffy and I’m in bed, with no plan to go anywhere. I’m not sure why I haven’t shared all our Colombia photos sooner. They’ve been sitting here patiently waiting in my drafts. We’ve been discussing, almost on a weekly basis, when we’ll go to Colombia next. We’re thinking June, my mothers birthday. Visit the coast next time, and the colder climates near my family’s home.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop now and the weather outside is a hundred percent reminiscent of this day (and maybe all the days) in the mountains of Colombia. We got out with my grandma, aunt, and uncle to take a scenic tour of Lake Guatavita. Do you know the stories of the lake? The legend says there of piles and piles of gold sitting in the bottom of the lake. Maybe that’s true. Though, I’m sure someone would have discovered it by now if it was 😉 It’s a golden dust filled mystery.

Marlowe, really fitting the part, embracing Colombian poncho life. Though a poncho technically has a hood I guess? I’m not sure. Alex would love to see me in the mountains with a poncho. But If I’m being completely honest with you, its hard for me to even sit on the couch with a blanket on. I like blankets in bed, but that’s it. So a poncho just feels like me forced to be under a blanket all day, haha. And a photo with my aunt, the cheeriest person I’ve ever met. My grandma, the funny one– always telling me I’m a poor little girl with my holes in my jeans. And me, with the straightest hair you’ll ever see me have. It was a bit too cold for me to wash my hair in Colombia and so my family convinced me to go to the salon and wash and dry it there. Eight dollars and a lot of hair pulling later, I long straight rope-y hair, haha.

Alex and the sun god, Sue or Xue. The Muisca people believed in the male sun-god and the female moon goddess, Chia. Marlowe says she doesn’t believe in anything, except the sun-god. Works for me.

We visited an old bull fighting ring. Weird but cool feeling. Cool because it’s obviously not in working order anymore and it feels good that at some point the people decided to shut it down. Weird because you know, death and violence. But still cool.

My bull fighter– but more like the one in the book of life who refuses to kill the bull 😉

And then the bit of sun peaked through and the poncho came off.

The pretty little town.
After we visited the town we tried to make the trek up to the lake. Yes, you gotta drive UP to go to the lake. It was a cool, muddy, foggy drive. You can see bits of the drive on this Colombia video I posted forever ago. Marlowe was convinced that Alex was trying to kill her by opening the window while we were driving by a bull haha.
This tiny house dream.
We eventually made it to the top of the mountain. It was pouring at this point and we learned the pathway to get to the lake was closing in 10 minutes. We apparently did not time this trip all that well. No lake for us. But we’ve decided, next time. For sure.

As I type, I’m on the up swing of a bad few health weeks. We don’t have any definite future plan yet– other than a New Orléans trip next week. We’re very much looking forward to that and hoping for warm and sunny weather. The clouds and dreariness are cool for a bit, but I’ve always got that sunshine state of mind. Sweaters and jeans and boots are cool, but I’d rather be barefoot. Always.

I’m working on a food post (not recipe, but my diet lately. And I’m going to start posts to answer all the questions you guys sent my way. Most of the questions were traveled-based, some more on the personal side– but you guys know I’m cool with all of it 😉 Sorry I’m not writing as often as before. It’s been a rough few months. I do hope that you can still find little bits of inspiration here– whether it’s in travel, food, or whatever. Thanks for being here.

Stay golden… or stay a mystery, whatever you prefer 😉

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