How are you friends? It’s been a hard few weeks/months over here– but I finally feel like I’m sort of coming out of the other side. My stomach, body, everything has been a mess since my miscarriage. Well technically since my pregnancy since that threw off everything in my stomach with the hormone rise. And then traveling, which I was emotionally ready for, physically hit me harder than I could imagine. Whatever stomach bug/parasite got me in Nepal, really knocked me down for longer than I could imagine. I’m sure the emotional stress from Jerry didn’t help either. Or my broken toe (If you don’t follow my instagram– I broke my toe in yoga— well, on the way out of yoga! How painfully pathetic haha). Last week I was bed bound. This week, I’m slowly regaining energy and my stomach is even doing decently well (with all things considered). I’ve been raw vegan for 9 days now. NINE! Well, with the exception of two nights where I had boiled potatoes– haha, but it’s the Colombian in me– I need them!. I’ll discuss more of the raw vegan thing/food stuff later.

But for now, let’s focus on the important thing: I have energy back, I’m feeling slightly better and it’s just in time for my friend’s wedding in New Orléans! (Now hopefully this broken toe will heal enough for me to dance!) Alex and I loved Nola last time we went. This trip will definitely be different. Last time I was drinking alcohol, eating bread, and not having any health concerns whatsoever. Not to mention last time we had a cute little kiddo tag along. This trip, it’s just us. It’ll be a nice getaway for sure. The food thing will be interesting. I don’t think I can (or will) keep up with the raw vegan thing while i’m there though (unfortunately). Not without putting a damper on the trip for Alex. It’s not just raw– I’m also doing salt free too. All while still keeping up with the high carb, low-fat, nut free deal. Ooof. Restricting for eating out– and for my salt loving taste buds for sure. So yeah, I def. plan on doing my best –maybe juice in the morning and salad for lunch– and then cooked meals for dinner? Who knows. But I’m determined to have the best time I can– even with my holdbacks and health crutches.

Very very much looking forward to warm sunshine, humid Caribbean air, and celebrating friends with someone who has walked a long road with me. If you guys have suggestions for places to eat (especially veg heavy vegan places or organic juice places!!), cute shops to check out, things to do, whatever— hit me up! All the suggestions, please! Seriously– I want to put all the healthy delicious food inside me and we’ve been planning on reno-ing the house when we finally get home– so cute home good shops are a perk too 🙂

Thank you for being here friends– through the rough times and the good times too. More posts (answering all your questions) coming soon! Cheers!


  1. Hi Andriea i came here after reading
    I am having somewhat similar experience right now. Accidentally i had eaten fish bone and it got stuck near chest area so my father told me to eat bananas i did listen to him amd ate dozans of bananas it was a bad decision that fish bone damaged my internals, next day did endoscopy found some cuts and a tiny ulcer foe which docs cut and took samples and told after 3 days its H. Pylori. Iwas having heavy pains below my last chest bone unimaginable pain it was making my heart beats very fast i was dam scared. Docs gave me PPI, very strong Antibiotics,& antidepressants-i thought i dont need antidepressants whats wrong in me!!!? 1 month passed still no reliefs from pain went to doc again he said u dont have pain u are imagining things u have stress and enxity i thought wtf… After comming home i started to belive that i dont have any problem but iam imagning things
    (see doctors can do miricals they can talk positive and boost patient or talk negative and reuin his life)
    2 months passed by My pain was unbearable so my mavshi(moms sister) told me to visit another doc, he did another endoscopy and told that ulcer is gone but u have gastritis & gave me another type of ppi esomacand antidepressant after taking esomac for 1 month (did not took the antidepressants) i did not had 24×7 pain but it use to pain few hrs and go away on its own i thought iam the only one who is facing these problems i was fed up. Then just when my tablets finished this high fever & diarrhea started it made my health even worst there are many things which is skipped cuz then the comment will be much longer so i wrote in short
    yesterday went to doc he told stool test and blood test will do it today now lets see what happens you are a strong women i wish i was strong as you are god bless you and Pray for me andrea take care