How are you guys! Gosh, the weather is PERFECT here. I could not be more grateful to be in this amazing weather. Seriously, pro trip: New Orléans in late winter/early spring is key. We LOVED it last time— but man was it hot! We’ve spent as much of our time outside as possible. And the rest of the time eating, and meeting up with friends.

It’s my friends Kate’s wedding on Saturday and I could not be more excited. This will be the second wedding we’ve been to that has involved sequins and a parade. But let’s be serious, is it really a wedding if there isn’t sequins and a parade? I think not! Haha.

The place we’re staying at is beautiful, but the wifi has been broken the whole time– so to save me a headache later, I’m writing this post on a Friday and prepping to post it on sunday/monday 😉 Another pro tip: if you’re going to run an airbnb, be able to manage it or have someone who does. But outside of that little glitch, this trip has been so great. We’ve been eating the most delicious foods, spending time with friends, and my enjoying my favorite thing in the world: feeling the glare of sunshine and a warm breeze at the very same time.

I spent 2.5 hours on the plane working on answering your guys’ questions… and I’m not even 1/2 way done! SO MANY questions! It’s awesome though! So many question and answer posts and other more detailed posts coming your way. I’m actually flying back alone on Tuesday. Alex is flying to florida to manage our airbnb. We’ve had non stop guests for the last few months and even with the help of our awesome cleaning woman + property manager, we want to be able to check in and make sure it’s running well for our future guests. Ya know?

I’ve decided I would prefer not to fly for a while after this trip, but we’ll see how that goes. We’re thinking we’re only going to stay in Massachusetts another two weeks and hit the road again. Drive out to see friends and then maybe back south or maybe even out west. I don’t know why by the idea of desert has called us.

But whatever we do, I know I want to be somewhere warm and sunny. This trip has confirmed how much better I feel emotionally with the sun and heat. Not that I needed a confirmation, haha. It’s even a bit “chilly” today at 65. But hey, I’ll take it.

I thin I’ll be sad to leave New Orléans. The only thing missing here is Marlowe. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had an amazingggg time without here– but I can’t stay here forever if she’s not here 😉  This week has been good– and she’s happy with my family– not missing us at all probably, haha.

And I’m good. Really good. I mean, the full moon just came and went and the womanly parts of my body are feeling it hard. I turned to my friend Kate the other night and have jokingly stated, “you know, you probably should have planned your wedding with the moon a bit better– I’m really feeling it.” And she responded, “I KNOW! I really wanted it on a waning moon!” Hahaha. And that’s why we’re friends. Because she really did consider the moon when planning her wedding 😉

But this trip has been great. I can’t say it enough. And the fact that my health has been great this week helps a lot too. Even makes up for the fact that my toe is still broken haha. I think it was REALLY smart to go raw vegan for two weeks before this trip. My energy went through the roof eating that way. Sort of looking forward to doing it again after the trip– but in the meantime, I’m enjoying eating all the salty, sweet, and HOT food here 😉

Well guys– I should take off. I still have a million more pink and green and all the color buildings to take photos of, more crepes and Caribbean food to eat, and I gotta run some errands today. I’m in charge of the umbrellas and flowers today– that’s a good job for me, right? I think so 🙂

Hope you guys had an amazing week and weekend! Bye friends!

ps. it’s now Sunday and I’m about to hit *publish*– but I need to say, this weekend was amazing. The wedding was perfection! I cant wait to show you guys! Cheers!

photos of: me, Katie, and Jared and my water– because this is my first sober wedding ever. Weird but maybe cool? And Alex didn’t find this as funny as me, but I showed him the second photo and said hey *it’s a photo of me at the carousel bar!* he called me a nerd. But it really is a photo of me at the carousel bar haha. 


  1. Hey! I remember on Instagram you posted a story on the plane to NOLA where you were reading a book which I’m assuming was about digestive issues, based on the caption haha. I was wondering what book that was! I’ve been reading some and would love a recommendation for a new one. Thank you 🙂