Hello from Florida! We just got back to town! And while I’m not like, overly thrilled, I am grateful that I finally got to take off my oversized sweater today! Goodbye multiple layers and coats!

Kathmandu already feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like we haven’t done that much in this five-is months away, but then when I really think about it, I know that sounds crazy. We’ve gone to multiple countries and a gazillion adventures in this time. We like to remind Marlowe often of how awesome she has things– visiting places that most people can only dream of, but I need to remind myself too. There has been a lot of downtime and recovery time for myself, yes. But the uptime in-between has been something to celebrate too.

These photos were from one of our adventures shopping around town. We didn’t buy millions of things, but we bought a few amazing pieces for each of us to take home. It’s all packed away now, but one day in the future, we’ll have it to decorate our home again.

ps. before you go on, if you want to see some questions and answers about our trip to Nepal,  you can check them out HERE. Or you can check out our travel post questions and answers HERE too.

Do you love prayer flags? I find them pretty magical. But I don’t think I love them out of Asia– like, hanging all over hippie towns. I’m not sure how to explain it. They’re just more magical filling the streets of Nepal.

I’ll take one rickshaw to go please.

The land of felted crafts. Every street had a felted craft shop. We were good. We only bought one (large) felted item.

We also went textile shopping. I already told you guys how we don’t shop much at home, but we make it a point to do so when we travel. Well Nepal? Filled with beautiful textiles. We bought YARDS of fabric. And like india, I ended up with an extra suitcase of goods. What are we going to do with it? I’m not sure. Maybe cover a couch or make cushions. Something awesome I’m sure.

Obsessed with these tins. Like seriously obsessed with them. I wish I could have brought some of these home.

All the hanging things. All the crooked buildings with tiny doors.

This building stole my outfit. Seriously though, look at that color matching!
I also matched the banana stand and the door… but whatever. The man behind the banana cart was VERY confused by my taking a photo of this angle.
We did not buy legumes, but man we ate a lot of them. SO MUCH DAAL.

Alex where he belongs: in the fruit stand.

And miss Marlowe. She’s been super interested in learning about the Kumari princesses of Nepal. Something controversial for sure. We explained to her the good and bad sides of the child princess tradition in Nepal. And then we went to the temple to see if we could visit her. But there hadn’t been a Kumari there for a long time, the city was having trouble filling in the new position. A sign of the changing times, I’m sure. We did however see the retired one (probably about 13 years old now) walk by with her dad in a track suit. So that was interesting.
More flags.
Floor lunch. I had red curry (if you follow me on insta, then you know the irony of me admitting that I had red curry). Marlowe had tomato soup and momos of course. Oh and we both had chai tea. Which was delicious– but this was the kind made with black tea. So sleep? Not great that night, haha.
My momo loving girl.

I gotta tell you, I haven’t been able to eat much Indian spices since getting sick/leaving Nepal. I ate Indian twice I think. And both times felt uncomfortable about it. This is suppperrrr weird for me, since it’s normally something I could eat three meals a day, everyday. I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t continue our trip to india after Nepal?

I mean, not really, since I’m bummed we didn’t go. But I think my stomach is happier than we skipped it. So yeah, not so many curries for me lately… but I could probably still eat dosa on the regular, haha.

Alright friends! I’m going to go. We’re setting up this temporary condo space for the next few weeks in Florida. I think we’re here three weeks total? I don’t know. All I know is that I’m tired and very much looking forward to getting myself 1. to the beach. 2. to the gym (yes really, want to get more muscles again!). 3. back on a (temporary) raw vegan diet. and 4. to the foot massage place with my number one lady, Laura.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday! I’ll be back tomorrow night!

ps. I didn’t get ANY work/posts done in the car like I had planned. Turns out I get more car sickness than I did before. Oops. I’ll make up for it this week 🙂


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