Today is the first day of spring. Yet, I don’t think I’ve experienced a real spring in a long time. We don’t really have seasons in florida. We have ‘hot’, ‘hotter’, and a week of “oh hey, it’s kind of cool” outside. And as I sit in my mom’s house, looking outside, all I see is: snow, brown, and a large drippy icicle. And with warnings of another snow storm coming, well, theres no sign of spring here.

A text from my mom just popped up on my laptop, “Mass doesn’t want  you to leave. It’ll snow tomorrow into Thursday.” So there’s that. (But we’re leaving anyway). 

We’ve been organizing our things this week, packing up, and saying ‘goodbyes’ to people we love. While I never would have planned for this year and winter to be how it’s been, I’m grateful to say, we experienced winter and will now be done with it forever. I’m glad I got to see friends. And I’m happy Marlowe got to see family. And while I can’t say I thrived here, I don’t think I really failed either. That has got to count for something, right?

This weekend Alex and I jumped in the car with our friends Katie and Marcus and headed west for a quick day trip… just liked we did last summer. And while I do prefer any sort of hangout that involves sunshine and sock-less feet, I can honestly say I’ll enjoy any adventure with them– during any season.

My life has changed drastically in the time I’ve known Katie. From surviving off junk food and late night/ early morning club parties to sober living green juice cleanse days and beyond. I’m different (so is she), but it’s nice to have a friend who has seen me through all my stages and most of what I’ve gone through. Through personal summers and winters, I’m grateful for people like her (and Marcus too).

We headed out to brunch– the same place as last time (the green bean in Northampton if you’re curious). And I got the same dish as last time– a mixed bowl creation with tempeh instead of eggs. And like last time, it was good, but I questioned if I should have ordered two. The amount of food I need to feel full is truly alarming.

After brunch we headed out to get a hot tea for me to warm my hands. Because sunshine or not, I freeze easily.

These two clowns. Stealing mine and Katie’s seat from last time.  At dobra tea — still probably one of my favorite tea houses (all locations, not just this one)

But the reason for our adventure? I mean, outside of a lot of eating and drinking warm things? To see some spring. We came to visit this (not so) secret little greenhouse  at Smith college.  I laugh that these are our adventures now. From drunken parties to greenhouses of tulips. How times change.

Me: “look nice”

Alex: ……


Tropical plants and winter boots.

Do you ever get the feeling that things are about to get weird….?

…Because they did.

Katie wanted to recreate the amazing photos Joe took of her and Marcus. Theirs came out better. I’m not mad.

I asked Alex for a green house (something completely impractical for florida). Not surprisingly he said no. But I’ll give up growing tulips and temperate controlled plant rooms  for the heat… I guess.


Oh how I wish I could keep cacti alive…

I mean…. look at all them! SO pretty!

Me in pants and boots and a sweater.. a weird sight, I know. Not weird: me with plants.

To the left: a coffee / smoothie stop at Haymarket cafe. on the right: Indian food dinners at India house. Both delicious.

Katie. Or “Kate” because that’s what her new husband calls her. And I told him I would call her Kate. But whatever, details.
Sure the weather was crazy cold– to a point where I heard myself whimper. And I was wearing too many layers for me to find comfort, but I’m grateful. Grateful for friendships, day trips, winter days filled with warming delicious foods, secret flower gardens, and more.



  1. You post is HAPPY!! I’m so glad…I like all your words..but some posts are harder to read than others only because I am the type of person that feels the NEED/WANT to help..even though I don’t even live in same state…or know you or anything else..but I’m really glad you went on a day trip that made you happy..the flowers are GORGEOUS..& no, I do not have a green thumb at all…but I like look at flowers… plants…& wish…I do like Florida a lot folks have a place on the somewhat southern tip that I LOVE to’s relaxing.. so I can understand your pull to head back to Florida. I am glad you are happier.. I’m glad you are able to put perspective on your last couple of months(?) year(?) safe travels!!

  2. katie o or kate or katie

    deep down in an unorganized folder of photos I KNOW there are other tulip pictures of us, 12 or so years ago in boston, drinking starbucks, pretending to be olsen’s, except I think we had booze in our coffee cups and it was mid-afternoon. times sure have changed but i like our granny life. love you tater!