This week I flew back from New Orléans. My step dad picked me up at the airport, we loaded up on groceries and went back to the airport to pick up my mom and Marlowe. We came back to my mom’s house and the next day we woke up to two feet of snow. I thought for sure that this would be the last snow falling we’ll ever deal with. A few days later Alex arrived back in Massachusetts. He had a stopover in Florida to prepare our house for our next guests.

Both Marlowe and Alex came back to Massachusetts completely and totally ready to head back to South Florida. Neither wants the cold any longer.

The other funny thing being that my birthday also came this week. The same day as daylight savings and I proclaimed, “It’s like a gift from the universe– spring is here– an extra hour of daylight!” But another day went by and we’re under another two-plus feet of snow again. Nature.

I’m not into celebrating my birthday. I don’t like the spotlight on me. I dread the happy birthday song (for anyones birthday– not just my own). And it always feels like New Years Eve– a big countdown and fuss and then it’s over. Followed by no significant moments or change– just life continuing as it always has.

But regardless, this birthday was a good one. Alex and my mom planned a few surprises. Piles and piles of veggie sushi, veggie spring-rolls, and other treats. A few new and old friends. And family too. But no mariachi. Apparently my mom tried hard to find a mariachi band to come sing me some songs– but did not succeed. While I’m never opposed to a good mariachi band– and actually cried (tears of joy) the last time I saw some– I am forever happy to not have any show up here and sing to me (and only me) on my birthday.

Instead we ate delicious food and a delicious fruit pie Alex made. And after the pie was done (and because I’m a totally brat) I said, “you should have ordered me a vegan ice cream cake” and the other two adult vegans in the room agreed– ice-cream on a cold winter day? Amazing.  We loaded up six adults and two kids into two separate cars and drove an hour or so south to Providence for vegan ice-cream. And how did we finish the day? Pizza of course. Slices and slices of vegan pizza.

The day was great— but what may have been even better is that Marlowe made a new vegan friend that day. She has one vegan-ish friend at home. But this is the only other one she has (now) that’s also been “vegan since birth!” The two little girls cheered all day long about being vegan, vegan ice-cream, and vegan pizza. They both may have had the best day ever. What more could I want on my birthday?

I mean…. besides a beach? Not much.

(I mean, it’s true.)
That snow: it’s still piling down. The most we’ve seen this year. The most I’ve seen in about 11 – 12 years maybe? And the last I’ll see… probably ever. I’ve told Alex and Marlowe that if they ever get that itchy feeling for snow, by all means, make a trip together. I’ll be waiting in the heat and sticky humidity.

And so we’ve been planning… We knew we wanted to do a big trip out of here around early April. But now, we’re all done and ready to go. And all our thoughts of potentially driving out west to Arizona or California are also slipping. And our other plan to drive north to Montreal and back over to Toronto like we did last summer… well, they’re fading too.

The snow is pushing me hard into the south. We thought that maybe we’d drive to Nashville before we head home. But honestly, the prices are outrageous. Completely off-putting. I’ve never seen prices so high to stay anywhere. And while it’s definitely a place I’ve waned to check out for a while now… I haven’t wanted to visit that bad. One example about how we budget for travel— we avoid the places that are just too costly.

Maybe we’ll save it for another time. So now? We might just drive south, back to south florida. We’ll say hi to friends and family and spend a week or two at the beach and then we hope to head out again. Somewhere inexpensive… somewhere with a beach.
Today Alex took a job offer. With the same company he worked for before. They’ve wanted him back. And I don’t blame them. He’s been asked over and over again. And he’s been unsure… but back to the kitchen he goes. This means we’ll officially go back to our house come summer.

I’m mixed in emotions. And I probably shouldn’t say much more until I actually figure out my thoughts. All I know is that I’m not mad. I told him this week, “it was my idea to leave. I’m the one who made the push to Guatemala. It didn’t work out for us. So now it’s your turn to decide the plan, I’ll follow.”

And so I’ll follow.

(I could throw in some Gilmore Girl theme song lyrics here for you guys… but I wont. Just sing it to yourself, okay?)

So this week we’ll pack up our things. Marlowe will play in the waist-high snow one more time. And we’ll say goodbye to winter forever. I’m not sure where we’re heading from here. I’m not sure where we’ll go after the week or two spent in Florida. But this week? I guess I’m okay with it. I’ll let nature take it’s course.

There is always spring after winter.


ps. on the way up here we discussed winter. Marlowe had never experienced it before and knew she would turn into a giant popsicle each morning smoothie she had. I made her a promise that we could eat acai bowls in the bathtub. Now, a few months later and she didn’t care to anymore. But I promised and wanted to keep my word. So today, while completely snowed in: we did it. We ate acai bowls in the bathtub. It was weird, but oddly fantastic. 


  1. happy belated birthday. i love the idea of eating acai bowls in the bath tub! sounds like a treat.

  2. Happy Birthday! I think we have the same b-day 3/11? I live in NY and i like to think of the bday snow this way..the angels above are celebrating you, and in your honor they are throwing down to earth “snow” confetti just for you 🙂 Love your blog:):)

  3. Kathyrn Dawson

    I hope none of your friends or family were involved in the disastrous bridge collapse in Miami this week and that all are safe!

  4. I cannot keep it to myself!

    Where you lead, I will follow… anywhere, that you tell me to.
    If you need…

  5. If you ever make it to Nashville, you have to go to the vegetarian/vegan restaurant The Wild Cow. It’s great.

  6. There are other places in Tennessee!! Maybe try Knoxville or Chattanooga on your way back down??