playa del carmen paletas
Hello from Playa Del Carmen Mexico!!!! How are you guys? Maybe you can tell by the amount of exclamation points, but I’m super excited to be here. We arrived, unpacked, had the most delicious meal, and then went to the market to fill up our kitchen with fruit. Things are good. The apartment we rented is super comfortable (unlike the one we had rented in Guatemala). The only downside is that there are mosquitos (expected). And we’re on the bottom floor. We learned the top floors actually have an ocean view— and a better breeze I’m sure. Regardless, I’m super happy with our place + current situation.

Day one my stomach started rumbling, but some activated charcoal and a probiotic later, and I’m as good as new. I know my stomach is super sensitive since the c. diff— and I should probably be more cautious with the foods I eat, but I have this “toughen up you pansy” mentality when it comes to my stomach. Heh.

It’s hot as hell here, but I wouldn’t trade the heat for the cold. When we walked up to the ice-cream place, I imagined really cute popsicle stand shots, but we ordered they immediately started melting, so we immediately starting shoving the popsicles in our mouths haha. #Soclose. Yes, and I am aware that street popsicles and sensitive stomachs are a recipe for disaster. But they’re vegan? Haha, oh well. I cant say no to a guanabana pop!

OH! And speaking of heat! I GOT MY FIRST SUNBURN. And man oh man, I feel for you guys who burn easily, this crap hurts!! So I bought a thong bathing suit (You know this if you follow my insta) and I’ve held off wearing it because the funny tan line on my butt. Well, yesterday I finally wore it yesterday– determined to feel good in my skin and not care of over think anything. And it went great! Until a few hours later I realized my butt was on fire and I could hardly sit haha. My poor tush hasn’t seen natural sun in 6ish years since Alex and my honeymoon in Mexico!

Oh well, it’ll fade and I wont have the funny tan-lines, and life can return to normal 😉 Thinking about taking Marlowe to the movies today to give my butt a break from the sun. I figured a kids film in Spanish is a great way to get her to try harder in understanding Spanish 😉 She’s been asked how come we know Spanish and she doesn’t…. we’re working on it 😉

OMG! And one more thing! Want to hear something crazy? Do you guys remember the post I wrote about visiting mexico and going into strangers houses? How we met this guy because I was completely and totally wanting to kidnap his dog?! The guy apparently left mexico, and came back and IS LIVING IN OUR BUILDING. WITH THE DOG. I died when I saw the dog and his tongue today. Died. Just another thing to make my weird world even weirder. Life is awesome. So amazing.

Alright friends! I’m going to start editing photos of our trip so far to post on this thing! If you have any questions about our stay here, ask away! Will be back tomorrow with What Marlowe Eats 🙂 Cheers!

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  1. Los niños aprenden muy rápido idiomas nuevos :). Cuando Marlowe regrese a Flórida, Samantha y ella pueden enviarse cartas en Español. sería divertido para ambas.

    Me alegro que estén disfrutando tanto.