Hi friends! How are you? We’re in vegan heaven over here in Mexico. I’ve been pretty good about snapping all the photos of things were eating too! Yay! So the next “What Marlowe Eats” post will definitely be a Mexico version. Today, you have a mishmash of the meals we ate during our visit in Florida… and a few from Massachusetts thrown in for good measure 😉  Oh and so many recipes linked below too! Yay!

Above we have black beans, cabbage and carrots, rice, and guacamole. Not pictured: the tortillas she shoved everything in.
Veggie roti wraps. So good so good.
Chickpea salad, boiled plantains, a cabbage sauté, and rice and peas.
Brown rice veggie stir fry. Sorry for the blurriness.
Tomato kale pasta, and sautéed broccoli and garlic.
Acai bowls everyday.
Marlowe’s favorite kale, carrots, some sort of veggie rice.
It’s basically our baked pasta recipe… without the baking and kale thrown in 🙂
Apples and peanut butter.
Rice, seaweed, carrots, avocado, miso sauce.
Veggie springrolls and no pictures please.
Birthday party gluten free chocolate chip pancakes, gf bagel with avocado and roasted chickpeas, salad for good measure.
She could probably eat this everyday. Carrot ginger salad.
Sweet potato fries– which she typically hates, but asked for and ate this day, because apparently she likes them with honey mustard. Side of that cooked kale again.
Ethiopian. One of her favorites for sure. She always goes for the hello lentils and collard greens 🙂 So good!

I don’t think we can find Ethiopian food here in Mexico, but man I want it now! haha 🙂 But even without the Ethiopian foods, we’ve been eating great here! So many delicious food options! Yay! Cheers friends!


  1. Laura Ortiz

    You convinced me! after reading this post and looking at the pictures, I logged into Amazon and got your book. I’ve been wanting to make my kids eat healthier meals (and me too of course), it might be hard at the beginning but I have hope. Also, thank you for sharing some of the recipes.

  2. Yum, I love these posts ! So many good ideas ! Which kind of sauce do you eat with your springrolls ?

    Is honey mustard vegan though ? ;D

    • Andrea

      We usually use “marlowes favorite ginger sauce” which is in my cookbook 🙂 or sometimes the Mido sauce recipe thats on the blog 🙂

      And it depends how much of a strict vegan you are. Half of vegans would say yes def. Half would be like, no its cool 😉