I’m having a hard time guys. A really hard time. Our first week in Mexico flew by. And the second week is flying by too. Before you know it, it’s going to be time to pack up and go home. On the upside, we have one more stop before we go home. We’re flying to Colombia to spend a week and a half with about 12 crazy Colombians. That’ll be a good time. And a good distraction…

A distraction from the fact that I don’t want to leave. A distraction from the fact that no matter what I want to do now, the plan is to return to the house we left last year. I know life has its way of changing, shifting, and unfolding. I know I have to let it happen, but now, I’m enjoying our time here so much that it makes me anxious. How that’s possible, I’m not even sure.

But I love it here. Here are some photos and moments from our time so far in Mexico.

Blue skies and sunshine.

Marlowe has loved it too. How could she not? Mornings spent homeschooling and afternoons are spent at the beach. Oh and paletas everyday? It’s a dream. But she definitely misses her friends and cousins and is definitely excited to make her way back home.

She finished her whole giant 700+ page book in the first week we were here. We had hoped that would last her A LOT longer, haha. Every morning I would wake up to find her on the couch with her book. Reading reading reading. Thankfully we brought legos too. And yesterday I finally gave in and bought her the 5th Harry Potter book for the iPad. Neither of us reading on electronics, but there are no book stores around here. One of the few downsides I suppose.

Breakfast for me every single morning. A giant bowl of papaya, passionfruit, and freshman coconut yogurt picked up from the local natural store. Heaven.

Which is totally cool since we just walk to the market basically everyday to buy more fruit. And we can finally afford to eat as much fruit as we do, haha. It’s crazy that even though passionfruit grows in florida, we’re charged about 4-5$ at the store for it. Here it’s so cheap.

And mangoes. And guanoabana. And pina. And all the things. Marlowe always loves the fruit, sometimes hates the pictures.

She also loves the exploring. I mean, it’s hot as hell here– and you SWEAT on the walks, but theres just so much to discover. She ran around this fabric store forever. She was in heaven. And we were cool with it because it was air-conditioned haha.

She loves me, I swear.

Exploring. I basically get distracted every other half a block by the pretty buildings, flowers, furniture, floors, etc etc etc. Ps. My belly button is showing and I’m trying to embrace it.

Friends. And hey, I didn’t get pooped on!

Pizza dates. I think we’ve gotten pizza three times in the two weeks in Mexico! Haha. But it’s so good! Some friends were surprised that we found vegan pizza in Mexico. But better yet, it’s not just vegan! But also gluten free, with a nut cheese, and organically grown sprouts. Winnnnn! I get it without the cheese though.

So many paletas. Basically all popsicle stands have options with milk and with water. So we just ask for the flavor options with water. We’ve had an insane amount of ice-cream. But we found that the organic natural store offers vegan coconut milk ice-cream and its so good and with no junky chemicals or preservatives. I love Mexico, guys! So much!

But yeah, all the cold things! We’d never get this much ice-cream at home. But It’s just so hot here and we’re not making our way around town in an air-conditioned car (hallelujah!). We’re working up a sweat in the hot sun. So yeah, popsicles, ice-cream, acai bowls, smoothies, all the frozen things!

And not only are we exploring popsicle stands, but we’re discovering teachers too. Magic. We found so many sea hares here too. So cool. And fish. And crabs. And a turtle. And hermit crabs. And all the things!

We spent the first week checking out a bunch of different beaches. We had heard of this one that was pretty far out-of-the-way, but a cool, kid friendly spot where the locals go. Behind me was the ocean. In front of me, Marlowe in shallow cenote water. Freezing water but so nice!  I think we were the only tourists there which was cool too. I just wish Marlowe wasn’t so shy around kids because it was PACKED with families.

Lately we’ve just been going to one of the ones right by our house. It’s full of sea creatures and super close by. So we all love it.

Ice-cream dates before dinner. We’re obviously all very spoiled being here.

We’ve all really enjoyed our time here. The place we rented has been decent. I saw one roach in this whole time. Almost died, naturally. I can’t stand them. No amount of time in the tropics has gotten me accustomed to them. We’ve been using our natural bug spray like it’s our job. Because at this point it basically is. We’ve had some bites, but nothing too excessive.

We’re all sun-kissed. And Marlowe and my hair is starting to slowly lighten from the sun. I spend a few hours on the computer each day. Marlowe and Alex home school together. We explore the beach. Usually dine out for lunch. Visit the market, and then enjoy a big home cooked (by Alex) dinner at home.

Things are really good here. I’m going to be very, very  sad to leave.

Happy Monday friends! Ps. If you noticed my site went down! I’m sorry about that! I’m not sure what happened. Honestly, I didn’t find out until after it came back on. We opted not to get phone plans here in Mexico and just rely on wifi. Our wifi had been down half the weekend, so I was in the dark about the happenings on internet land 😉

Cheers friends!


    • Andrea

      please share more info! I haven’t seen any! And I looked online and was only able to find one listing but the review for it were not good, said they didn’t have a good selection of books 🙁

  1. This all looks so wonderful!
    Do you have any tips for renting an apartment abroad? How did you get your accomodations all set up? I’m in a bit of a different situation, looking for an apartment share for a few months (I’m solo traveling and in my 20’s). But I would love to know how you’re finding such cute places!

    • Andrea

      I usually just look online for rentals, but thats for an entire house. I’m not sure about for apartment sharing options. If it were me, I’d probably rent a place for a week and ask locally for roommate situations. I dont imagine it would be easy otherwise– especially since its ideal that you meet your roommate in advance 🙂

  2. I am very excited for you! I’ve really seen them better than ever !!!! Can you believe that I’m Mexican and I’ve never been to Playa del Carmen? I hope to go soon! and eat as many paletas as you!

    lately we have bought a lot of water ice cream, but here in California it’s very expensive. That is, it is expensive to buy daily .. haha

    Keep enjoying so much! Maybe you could stay longer in Mexico? can you change the plans?

    • Andrea

      You should visit– all of the Yucatan is so pretty. Alex goes back to work July first, so its back to florida for us. We’ll see what the future holds though.