One of her favorite snacks: “totopos and guac”
Still an easy go to: rice, beans, greens. side note: I HATE when Alex makes white rice. what’s your favorite type of rice?
Veggie sandwich and a salad with mustard dressing. The sandwich actually had three triangles it was HUGE. she at almost all of it. she’s growing for sure. We retired her romper this week.
Cake. One day her and I were super hungry and Alex was not. So we said, let’s go search for a fun snack. We ordered cake.
Pasta night. Most of the GF pastas we found had corn (a super sad no no for my gut) but we found one without it. Just rice. The pasta was a mix of Mexican zucchinis (much better than the European ones we typically find in the states), carrots, basil, tomatoes, and spring onions.
She ordered chilaquiles as often as we would let her. The very last day in Playa Del Carmen we went to this restaurant for dinner and even though they only offer the chilaquiles for breakfast, they offered to make it for sure. So sweet. But funny enough, she declined, because she said she had finally had enough (and ordered them 4 days later in another town anyway haha).

Taco night. A mixture of salted veggies (peppers, tomatoes, carrots) a roasted tomato pepper sauce, greens, brown rice, guac, and tortillas).
Hot cakes.
A veggie stew, brown rice, and a favorite salad of hers lately; greens, radish, red onion. She didn’t eat the rice.
Vegan sopes– she took all the fake meat off though. I dont blame her.
Breakfast the last week was mostly rambutans, mango, and puffed quinoa.
Veggie bowls. She had more greens than both Alex and I. Hers was brown rice, black beans, kale and arugula, broccoli, tofu, carrots.   I had kale, cucumber, goji, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, if you’re curious 🙂


And if you missed it, I did a post on what food we bought and cooked with while in mexico. As well as our favorite restaurants in Playa del Carmen— so many delicious veggie friendly options in that town! Not as many options in the past week or so— but we’ve found our way around regardless 🙂 so many food posts this week right?! Like the good ole days before I got sick, haha yay! 🙂 Cheers friends!


  1. all of this looks so good! do you have a preferred way you cook your greens (for the rice/beans/greens)?

  2. That first pic though. Yum! I’m a big guac fan, but I guess who isn’t? I think its cause I was raised in Southern California right by Palm Springs. That and date shakes 🙂


  3. Whatever Marlow is eating in the pic above where you talk about the chilaquiles, I want to eat that! Are those them or whatever else she ordered? Also, I love your food posts. Always have. xo