This week I realized that I started “What Marlowe Eats” in 2011. Seven years ago! That’s a long time to document the meals of my vegan kid, haha. Isn’t that crazy? You can see my very first post HERE. (Seven years ago is also when people commented on blogs more and not just insta, haha. I don’t think insta was even around yet actually! OR if it was, I dont think I had it.) Since then hundreds of mom’s have created “What —– Eats” posts on their blogs too. It’s sort of surreal.

But it’s pretty cool to look back on what she ate then and the changes we’ve made. The posts used to show more of my vegan meals too. I’d show what she ate vs. what I ate for dinner. That’s when I modified her meals a bit more. But now, she eats what I eat. Which is obviously much easier.

It’s also pretty cool to know that one day she (or we) will look back and see all the food she ate in the different countries we ventured to. Here in Mexico, we’ve been eating a lot of the same food we do back home. The difference is that we eat out at restaurants more. There are just so many fresh, vegan restaurants. And it’s definitely more inexpensive. So why not venture out and try all that Mexico has to offer, you know?

So let’s go! But first: The day always starts with a mango… or two… or three for first breakfast 🙂
Pizza. I mentioned this in my other post, but we’ve had our share of it. But it’s vegan and GF (made from scratch with yuca flour!) And we make her top it with veggies– she chooses arugula or kale every time so I can’t completely complain. Well, I can’t complain at all cause I’m the one giving her the pizza in the first place 😉
Some sort of stewed veggies with brown rice. Tomatoes, cabbage, squash, zucchini, carrots  with herbs and spices. Simple delicious food.
The next day we stewed it down a bit more and served it as a veggie, bean, and avocado taco.
Alex was undoubtedly blown away that I let her order sweet crepes for breakfast. She ate about half and said, “I can’t. too sweet”. Haha.
Tomato veggie soup. We can basically get away with feeding her anything as long as it’s a tomato base. Tons of spinach, broccoli, and other veggies. Man, I love soup.
Quinoa bowl with carrots, tomatoes, elote, black beans, and avocado. Side of nut cheese. She was not thrilled about this one (she would prefer rice) but she ate it.
Avocado radish toast. With hemp seeds and hemp oil.
Pad Thai. I get that we’re in Mexico, but noodles are my first love. With carrots, cabbage, spring onions. This one is in the cookbook.
Berry bowl. Basically an acai bowl, without the acai 😉
Basically a Mexican tortilla soup. Except she put the tortillas in after— I still don’t do well with corn, tortillas are hitter miss in my gut. It’s mostly a “great yourself” thing for me.:( So we don’t cook it with the tortillas. In the soup: peppers, tomatoes, chayote, zucchini, onions, carrots, and herbs.
Gluten free eggplant lasagna. Instead of the pasta it’s a polenta base. With a side salad. And nut cheese on top.
And her favorite meal here so far? (Also the worst photo,haha) Chilaquiles! She’s obsessed. Almost finished the entire plate! Corn tortillas, beans, a red salad, greens, almond cheese, and some sort of veg protein crumble.

I gotta say, I normally don’t care to go out as much as we have, but it’s been so good here. I’ve LOVED most of our meals. Some fell flat, but not many. It’s crazy but we don’t have good vegan friendly breakfast places in Florida. I can’t find a real acai bowl to save my life over there. There’s one place who has real acai bowls in our town, but they’re flavorless. Here fresh fruit is the norm… and it’s awesome.

I’ll do a restaurant food post too since so many of you guys asked! Let me know if you’re looking for anything else too. And if you’ve been here since my very first What Marlowe Eats post— THANK YOU! Seriously. I appreciate you guys– old and new so much!


  1. I remember seeing Marlowe tiny hands on those pictures!
    I’m glad you are enjoing your time in México.

  2. I love Marlowe’s “Tropical Things” hat! Where did you find that? 🙂

  3. sure!!! Mexico have many vegan options it’s great!
    I’m sorry for you can’t eat tortilla, because it really is amazing haha
    I love the chilaquiles too.

  4. Laurali Star

    I have to agree with you about Florida. I love it here in many ways, but its still kind of backward when it comes to vegan and vegetarian foods, especially when eating out. While visiting Los Angeles, that was the first time I realized the true difference. It was eye-opening to see that in other cities people can go out to eat freely as a veggie lover.

    • Andrea

      right? it’s so crazy! people are always surprised when I tell them about the vegan food we eat here— I mean, sure there are a million non veg friendly places here, but overall mexico is actually way more veg focused than florida.