I’ve always enjoyed traveling, but one of the absolute best things about traveling nowadays is watching my kid discover the world. Eyes wide open to see and learn about all the wonders of the world. While we didn’t adventure everyday in Mexico, we certainly had our share of amazing adventures. Before heading to the Yucatán, we created a short list of places to take Marlowe. Coba was one of the first things on our list. Alex and I had taken a day trip to Coba on our first visit to Mexico together and we knew Marlowe would love it. Not only is it an amazing and impressive Mayan structure, we knew she would LOVE that she could climb the temple.

And we were right. She loved it. She loved visiting Tulum before and Muyil earlier in our trip, but Coba was her new favorite after her visit.

And of course we used to this away from home to adventure, but also to learn. While many people focus on curriculums and lesson plans, we’ve really enjoyed pushing Marlowe into the world to learn. Don’t get me wrong, we totally sit down and have table time with notebooks and lessons– but that’s not our only focus. You guys have asked a bit about Marlowe’s homeschooling as of lately, so I definitely plan to do a post on it soon.

Currently (in Colombia) she hasn’t done any home school (other than finishing another Harry Potter book, haha). This is her vacation time and man, she’s happy about that. And she’ll definitely be back at the desk when we get settled back into Florida (probably a week or so after we arrive).

This is my: I have an itch on my back pose. And plus also: Marlowe and Alex’s butt pose.

Coming down Coba is slightly more intimidating than going up. The first time around, I didn’t both climbing up. This time, I did. Mostly because I want Marlowe to take more risks, and I worry that if I’m always sitting at the sidelines because of my own fears, then she will too. And I definitely don’t want that. You know?

So we ventured, and climbed, and learned and more. 95 degree weather and blazing sun, but man it was good. (And the pathways were shaded haha).

After our Coba adventure we went to a tiny restaurant near by— one with vegan options. Impressive for such a tiny town. The restaurant was called El Crocodillo if you’re wondering. Inexpensive, vegan friendly, and pretty good!
After lunch we visited the little pueblos near by. I don’t have anything against cities, but man oh man, I love the small towns.

We also picked up some hitch-hikers. By no means is this a normal thing for us, haha. But they were two young girls on a hot sunny day, so we figured why not? I figured they were maybe about 13 or so, but they turned out to be 15-16. We asked them and apparently they make the two-mile or so walk everyday in the sun after school. They asked how much when we got to their village, and we said no charge (obviously). Marlowe sat in the back and read the entire time. She hardly looked up from her book. She’s so shy its cute.

I think one of my favorite things about traveling anywhere is visiting the smaller towns and villages. I’m such a sucker for beautiful artisan handicrafts. And when you can see people making it, right there in front of you? Even more amazing. We left with a hammock….. And my (basket) hat.

Before heading back to Playa Del Carmen we stopped for drinks in the town of Tulum Just a place to sit and chill for a minute. It’s been really cool to both adventure and have down time during our travels. It’s been nice overall, but also really good for me healthy wise– I’m not over extending myself, but I’m able to really enjoy my time too. It feels good.

Well friends, I could say a million more things about these moments, but for now, I’m off to bed. We’re packing up from our time in Cartagena and heading to Tierra Bomba tomorrow. We’ve had an amazing time so far, and I just hope it continues on. This trip has been so very good.

Hope you guys are having an amazing week <3

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