Here is a ridiculously easy recipe showing you how to make your very own mouthwash! All you need are two simple ingredients, and you’ve got yourself an all-natural, junk free way to cleanse and freshen your breath!
Clove essential oil has been used for centuries for its ability to ease toothaches, increase overall dental health, and its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic qualities. Not only is it a great oil for your oral health, it can be used for cleaning, as an insect repellant, to ease upset stomachs, and for sore muscle relief.

I happen to use clove essential oil daily when I make my all-purpose cleaner, so this was super easy for me to incorporate. If you don’t like the taste of clove, you can feel free to substitute it for peppermint essential oil or frankincense essential oil.

Cleansing Clove Mouthwash

1 ½ cups filtered water
20 drops clove essential oil

Simply fill up a jar or bottle with your filtered water. Add your clove essential oil and give it a good shake.

How to use:
Use about 1-2 tablespoons of the mouthwash twice a day.
Swish around your mouth for 30 seconds, spit and rinse.

other clove tips:
If you suffer from toothaches, rub 1 drop of clove essential oil around the painful tooth.
Try flossing with clove essential oil- simply apply 1 drop of clove essential oil to your finger tips and rub your fingertips over the floss. This will ensure that the clove gets in between your teeth for added dental health!

*A note when using this mouthwash
Refrain from using clove essential oil with young children and/or if you are pregnant. You may also try to dilute the recipe by only using half the drops in the recipe. You can also just substitute all together with peppermint essential oil.

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Katie Gonzalez is the author of The Informed Mom, a wellness education site with a focus on natural living, essential oils, and health focused recipes.


  1. Hi!
    Stoked to try this out, just curious though, why not on young children or if pregnant?

    • Hey Nicole! Katie here! So the reason why I put this disclaimer in the post is a just in case sort of thing. Clove during pregnancy, as well as clary sage can potentially cause contractions, and for little kids, it can cause skin irritations because it’s considered a hot oil. It’s just precautionary! I hope that helps 😊

      • That does help, thank you for answering! 🙂