Hello friends, how are you? I’m currently sitting on my old and worn blue floral couch. Well, one of the three floral couches– the big one in the living room. Our couch has definitely seen better days. So have my body, still so worn from the whole shingles incident. I’m going to crawl into bed in a minute. I have ten million (exaggeration) photos to upload and share from our amazing time Mexico and Colombia, but I wanted to share these happy images from The New Orléans Botanical Garden in the meantime.

I have so many posts in drafts that I just never shared. Life kept going and posts stayed in draft. It’s sometimes weird when that happens. It can be weird to look back and try to put together current moods with memories and photos. But it can also be really nice too– to look back and try to relive moments– especially moments that were so enjoyable.

There’s nothing extra special about this post– but I would say it’s some good garden inspiration for sure. On this day I asked Alex, ‘Can you build me a greenhouse?” And he replied, “you mean a shade house?” Sure, I guess a shade house, haha. whatever. Just a lush space with beautiful plants. I mean, basically our yard, with less mosquitos would be great.

Tomorrow we’re heading out in the yard to tackle what used to be our garden and is now our jungle. I’ll see how long I last before the bugs eat me alive 😉

ps. We’re obviously big fans of botanical gardens if you could tell– we basically visit one in every city we visit 🙂

I matched the flowers. And I realized how much my stomach looks like it was poking out… too many crepes for sure.

I know I had already said it a bunch of times, but the weather was SO nice this trip. Like, perfect. We definitely didn’t do the whole “go go go” thing this trip. A scarf on the ground under a giant tree and sunshine? The perfect way to spend any day.

Dream space.

All the pinks and greens please. I know I keep talking about it on instagram, but I think he plan is pink house painting for sure. Alex has wanted to do it for two years I’m finally ready to take the plunge and paint our house. Loads of money, time, and sweat here we come. Worth it for the pink, right? I think so 🙂
Blue skies. I have so many thoughts on something as simple as blue skies lately. But those thoughts for another day. Alright friends, I’m beyond worn right now. I didn’t want to leave this space all cricket-y this week like last week. Hopefully a but of pink and garden inspiration will do 😉 Thanks for being here. Today and always <3

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  1. screens!!!!!! i don’t know why the west coast of florida is so big on screens but not the east. you want a screened in green house. it’s all abut the screens