I’m not completely sure if it’s Wednesday or Thursday and honestly, I have no desire to find out. It’s currently 8:22 pm on a very stormy, rolling thunder sort of evening. There’s a scary combination of lightning and fireworks happening outside that I have no intention to part of right now. I’m perfectly comfortable on my couch. I have sweat pants on and I just poured hot water into a cat shaped tea-pot I bought for Marlowe this winter. I’ve hit the peak of my granny-hood today. And today, I’m okay with it.

Sometimes I want to pick up and sometimes I need to slow down. Very rarely do I ever want to slow down though. But now? I’ve been okay with the slow down. I maybe even want to slow down. The number one question asked by friends lately is, “any trips planned?” Not one. I mean… maybe a short trip to NYC to see a friend I haven’t seen in too long, but that’s not set in stone. Right now nothing and I’m okay with it.

I’m just trying to slow down, collect moments, and collect flowers too.

I’m trying to get back into being content with the little day-to-day moments that got me by before. The ones I enjoyed before I got sick. The moments lived that didn’t make me question, “is this enough? is life too short?”

This week I spent some time outside in the sticky hot humid air, collecting leaves and flowers from our moringa tree. I cleaned them up, trimming the branches and plucking the flowers. And I dehydrated them. A magic healing potion for later. Tea for immune boosting. Greens for body and bone building. Nothing fancy, just a moment outside, appreciating nature.

I’ve felt good lately. I got past that rough patch that hit and moved to the better part of living again. And I want to keep feeling it. So for now, I’m going to intentionally slow down and make and find magic. Even if it’s only in our back yard.

I hope guys are having a magical week. Full of slow and good moments. And if you cant find anything good around you, make something good. Cheers friends!


  1. love it. i just posted recently with a somewhat similar sentiment. sometimes i feel guilty for not doing more, like i’m wasting my days. but the smaller, day-to-day moments are important! they make me happy. bigger experiences are wonderful, but it’s the other days that carry us through, and i’m learning to appreciate them, too.

  2. Wah… I’m so surprised to see moringa leaves in your basket. This is the first I’m seeing someone from western having it. It’s a traditional Indian’s tree. So, happy to see you have one.

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  4. I have the opposite problem. I rarely want to move fast, lol. It’s been raining a lot in my part of Florida too and it makes me want to curl up, sans makeup, and just read a good book or watch a movie. I love our summer thunderstorms.