It’s pretty wonderful when you slowly make your dreams come to life. I’ve wanted a Yucatán road trip for a long time now. Well, I’d actually like to spend my life traveling/driving through Mexico (maybe that can happen another time), but for now, a two and a half week road trip through the Yucatán is perfect.

I mentioned this before, but the hardest part about planning the road trip was figuring out how long we should stay in each place.

The things that go into consideration for road trip location planning:

the cost of the location
ease of finding vegan, allergy friendly food
activities available in the area (will we bored if we stay too long?)
general overall convenience (is it on route? or out-of-the-way?)

(this stop failed 3 of the 4 check-off’s, haha).

From the beginning I had mentioned to Alex the idea of staying at a hacienda in the middle of nowhere. Alex dove right into the idea. But as we got closer to the trip, I started to regret my decision. I started worrying that I wouldn’t have enough time to visit other, more activity filled locations if we stayed a few nights in the middle of no where. And a hacienda was definitely a bit higher priced than our other options– especially since we’d have to eat on property. And while, I’ve gotten really good at allowing myself downtime since getting sick, I didn’t want to waste a precious minute of exploring-time on our trip. But the thing was, I had already sold Alex on the idea. And so we agreed, let’s do at least one night.

Being there one night was perfect, but if we could go back in time, we’d probably option for at least one to two more. My stomach had definitely got a bit thrown off towards the end of our time in Mexico. But I mostly blame myself– I was eating foods I knew I should not eat— waffles that may or may not have been gluten free, vegan cheeses and creams with nuts in them, and on the road, I was eating corn from time to time– all of things that are definite no no foods in my gut.

So not only would it have been overall nice to lounge in a pretty space for an extra day or two, I probably should have allowed my body the gift of care and downtime. But regardless of what I chose to eat, or the times we chose to adventure, or the slight downs I felt on our road trip, I’m beyond happy that not only did this time away work out so well, but that I finally put it all into action. An idea and dream I wanted so badly— finally coming to life.

Could her look be any cuter? I 100% let her dress herself and it’s basically amazing every time.

I don’t think I liked orange until this moment. I mean, even now, I only like this specific orange, haha. But it’s a start in getting over my intense dislike of a color.

We explored a bit. We learned the Hacienda was part of an old sisal operation (rope made from cactus). It was so cool seeing the old buildings and leftover tools– but I think one of our favorite things was this a tree in the area— I cannot remember the name. But after it rains (which it had), the leaves let off this savory smell similar to fenugreek. The guy at the hotel told us many people don’t actually like the tree and it’s smell, but the three of us foodie nerds LOVED it. Even Marlowe was like, “ahhh it’s making me so hungry, I want to eat the tree!” It was awesome.

Eating at the hotel was definitely our most expensive meal of our entire stay in Mexico– as we knew it would be. But we ate well (most hotels are beyond accommodating with vegan diets)  and I mostly just ordered fruit and smoothie after smoothie to heal my stomach.

Alex told me, “I want to die here.” And I told him, “I can make that happen.” –but I’m not sure if that is what he meant, haha. He said, “Well, I can’t afford to live here, so just bring me here to die and breathe my last breath” — so I guess that’s what I’ll have to do for him. I told him it was beautiful, but I need the ocean. It’s a bit too far for comfort for me. But I could certainly spend some time relaxing in the middle of no where for sure. And maybe in my last few years of life I’ll get over my intense fear of deep water and become and expert diver– who really knows.

And so I did relax. I was never good at allowing myself downtime until the past few years, but now I’m very good at forced and unforced downtime. It’s a priority for me that even when I’m feeling like my body is completely giving out on me, that I push through it– in whatever sense I can. Sometimes that means getting up and adventuring regardless. Sometimes that means, pulling up a hammock and allowing myself to put my feet up — without guilt. But it always means: working on my attitude the best I can.

One of the hardest things for me to get over is the idea that I’m dragging Marlowe and Alex down. I know the reality is that I’m not– that they wouldn’t even be traveling or heading off to Mexico for weeks on end if it weren’t for me– but still, on my down days, I worry that I’m holding us all back. So I’m putting my best effort in to not feel guilt about them and not let my guilt alter my overall being and happiness more than it needs to. Does that make sense? I want to be happy despite the intense discomfort. And sometimes I am. And I’m happy to keep pushing forward in that until I can one day fully here.

I just want to feel and live well enough where I can grow into my old age and be able to take Alex back here— to live– or die, whatever we can afford 😉

Not feeling great? Smile anyway. That’s my life advice for the day. To be followed as necessary.

THIS is the hotel in the middle of nowhere.. if you’re wondering.


  1. Smile anyway is also my motto! I’m off to do some “forced downtime” which I need to relax but I find it hard to shut off for awhile. Thanks for the dreamy sunshine dappled photos- they are wonderful.

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  3. 1. It’s funny that you hate the color orange. If I had to define with a color all your photographs would be: orange!
    Also, for a strange reason whenever I remember papaya, because I think you love it, right? association fruit-color- Drea. it’s strange. Haha

    2. Marlowe dresses beautiful !!! My question to her is: why only a sock? haha she is wonderful