It’s been a little over a month since I posted a “what marlowe eats” post! TO be honest, I didn’t take photos of what she/we ate in Colombia because we ate the same (delicious) meal everyday. Coconut rice, some sort of lentil or bean, plantains, and steamed veggies. We did not complain. And since we’ve been home I’ve just slacked a bit though I picked up on the photo taking this week again— so yay!

But here we are, a post I had in draft. Some of the delicious meals we ate in Mexico. We really enjoyed cooking in our kitchen with a limited pantry and daily market runs. And honestly, since we’ve returned, we’ve been shopping and cooking super minimally (with the exception of our giant spice cabinet) and it’s been great. Anyway, let’s get to the post. Pictured above? Veggie fried brown rice. A GREAt meal to make when you have leftover rice and an assortment of veggies to use. Just add ginger, garlic, and organic soy sauce 🙂

Kale, bean, veg,  with a tomato broth soup. With a side of toasted tortillas with avocado and lime.

Chilaquiles. I know, you guys are like, “damn she really did eat a lot of those!” but when in Mexico, right? See our vegan friendly Playa Del Carmen food guide HERE.

Taco night. Which included a lime and vinegar based cabbage slaw, stewed carrots, peppers, and Mexican squash, and guac.

We ate this salad a lot the last few weeks in Mexico. Super simple: romaine, radish, onion with a lime and coconut sugar dressing. Marlowe loved it.

So many lychees. So many rambutans.

Rice, beans, kale.

We took a bus to Cancun, went to the airport, and then rented a car for our road trip. Our on way back home we went to this vegetarian restaurant in Puerto Morelos. It was one of those “this is our meal of the day” places. We ordered it (it happened to be vegan). Marlowe mostly likely the minestrone style soup.

There was also rice we which ate (and I forgot to photograph first) and some sort of mole enchiladas dish. I was sort of SOL here since the soup had gluten, the rice had corn, and mole is filled with all sorts of things I cant eat– but Marlowe and Alex liked it.

Pad Thai. One of her favs. Will probably make it this week.

And lastly, some vegan quesadillas, and a salad. She ended up more into the salad than the quesadillas. But thats cool.

Alright friends! I hope you had a great weekend! Alex has the next two days off so I’m looking forward to getting our bedroom in order…. and not cooking dinner. Haha. The first week I enjoyed cooking dinner again every night for me and M. But the last two days, not so much, haha.
Happy Monday friends!


  1. You and Alex need to buy the old World of Beer on Clematis and open up a restaurant called Marlowe’s featuring all the food that Marlowe eats.

    Make it open-plan and sunny and decorate with mementos from your travels.

    Oh and totally have a store in front where you sell free-trade goods and The Plantiful Table.

    I live super close and would come in literally all the time 🙂