I spent a better half of this weekend answering questions on instagram. Other than the fact that I spent a serious amount of time doing it, I really enjoyed it. I received SO many questions about so many topics. And actually, I’m not even sure I answered half the questions that came in (yet), but I hope to answer them all 🙂  I just don’t need to sit on my phone longer than I already have 😉

But one of the better and more difficult questions I received was “what five songs would you include in the soundtrack of your life?” — I stared at the question and thought, “I can’t handle this one.” It’s too hard. Too good. And my mind went in a spinning circle of lyrics and tunes and trying to remember the names of favorite songs I once had. Songs where I can recite each lyric, but could never, not ever, remember the name of the artist or title— because that’s how my mind works.

But Saturday night I thought, I can do this– I know three– at least three songs for my list. And I have one hundred other “maybes”. Hours went by and I didn’t feel more certain of the list I created, just more lost. And Alex came home, not long past midnight and I was sitting here, again on the couch, flustered with dark circles under my eyes. And he asked, “all this because someone ask you a question?”


All this because of a question. But he was excited by the challenge too. I’m visual. Alex is audio. I’m not sure I ever mentioned it here, but when he tried to “win me back” forever and a moon ago, while he was living in New York, I received a song each morning to my inbox. Lyrics and tunes to win me over… He suggested, “well why don’t you do a post where you not only list your favorite songs, but you leave an explanation to why you chose each song– what part of your life it’s from and what it means to you. And I said, “No, I could never. That’s too personal.”

“THAT’S too personal?!? Out of all the things you are open and comfortable to talk about– but not this!?”

Not this. And if I’m being honest, even leaving a list of five songs here feels like it digs too deep into my soul. Dramatic sounding? Well, maybe that’s because it is. But for me, as little as I talk about music in this space, or dive deep into lyrical meanings anymore, each song I care about really drags me in deep.

Are you guys like that with music? It’s just too personal for me. I couldn’t even begin to explain or describe the feeling with each important song.

And so here we are… a list of five songs. Only five. Each from a different time in my life. Each with lyrical value, but also chosen for mood. I could add a few more in here to really round it out, but as silly as it sounds, I really wanted to stay true to what the question was. Marlowe said she was surprised by the intro song choice. I told her, “imagine me running through the jungle” — she said that made sense. I hope you enjoy a little peek into my musical head.

I’ve put a spotify and youtube playlist here– so you could choose whichever one was easier for you 🙂

Oh Dear Drea Life Soundtrack

If you guys decide to make playlists, send them my way, I’d love to get into your mind grapes too!

Butttttt also…. if you really want to have the extended version, that’s HERE. I’ll admit, it’s slightly less thought out, less planned than my top five– but still good. Maybe something you guys would want to drive around to? Or maybe you’ll think I’m totally nuts with my music choices. Either way, haha!

PS. If you want to read the other questions and answers I was asked, you can check them out HERE.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and have an amazing week ahead! Cheers!

photo: celia d. luna


  1. I was the one who asked that question and I truly feel like a rockstar because it inspired you to write a blog about it… forget about just a simple answer… a whole blog post.
    Thanks for being so thoughtful with your responses, thanks for being so genuine and honest about the overwhelming initial reaction to the question.
    I believe I asked 7-8 people the same question and only 2 people responded to me… you were obviously one of them! I too believe music says a lot about people and about their darkest secrets.
    Anyway… ¡Muchas gracias!