Hi fiends, how are you? I’m okay. Been working on life at home. been working on myself. Been working on my mood— all the things. Have also been working on making dinner every night again. It’s not a bad or a hard change, but definitely such a shift in schedule and my role since Alex is back to work. We’ve said goodbye to dinner as a family again– which means: easy easy easy dinners for Marlowe and I.

We’re cool with easy dinners. And honestly, I rarely feel bad about giving her two veggie dinners. Lunch is typically our healthier bigger meal, depending on timing / scheduling. She eats so well overall that I rarely worry or feel guilt about our easy dinner time. Some days she has super healthy veggie packed meals and some days are a bit harder for me and mashed potatoes and kale chips are my savior.

So tonight’s post revolves around easy dinners and some meal photos from our time in Mexico that were sitting leftover in my food photo folder 🙂
More chilaquiles. Because, when it mexico chilaquiles are life.
Veggie fried rice. This one is in the cookbook. — Though honestly, I leave out the tamarind and gojuchang when I make it. Alex likes to add it in, but more and more I lean on the side of simplicity these days.
Potato salad + salad with carrot ginger dressing. We fancy.

Haven’t had our favorite miso soup in a while. So simple so easy.
Rice bowls. Actually is obsessed with them lately. We’ve been fancy-ing them up a bit, but Marlowe still keeps it simple.
We almost never buy frozen veggie burgers — but lately we’ve had a box in the freezer. The rest of the fridge was looking very sparse– so this is what we managed to put together. Oven baked fries, a quinoa veg burger, guac, and that carrot ginger salad again.
Our favorite two veg dinner: mashed potatoes + kale chips.
mexico lunches. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my Merida post, but we were really struggling in the world of vegan food in Merida. One day we walked by a vegan place and thought we should try it. ALL our food was awful. Not one decent dish. We were sad. Even this seemingly harmless veggie burger was gross. She ate half.
Rice and beans + a salad. We used to each beans so much more. We haven’t lately. Maybe we were beaned-out after Colombia.
Our only other meal out in Merida— Marlowe’s meal was the only decent one. Pasta, tomato sauce, green bean + carrot. Not the most composed meal, but happy she had something filling to eat.

Mangoes. So many mangoes.

Spring rolls forever. She used to love them more, lately she’s feeling whatever about them but still eats them thankfully 🙂


Thank you guys again for being here. For all the easy and hard things in life.


  1. Do you put any sauce or flavoring in your rice bowls?? I’m trying to do these more

    • Yes! Unless we make fancier bowls with a ton of marinated things (and by we I mean Alex), we keep the base simple and add a simple sauce. The post is linked under the photo and has the sauce recipe we use most is in the post 🙂