How was your weekend? It feels like Saturday over here. Like, I wasn’t planning on sitting down and writing anything tonight– or doing emails — or anything. I was just going to veg out and I realized it was in fact Sunday so maybe I should try to accomplish some things. So here we are! Let’s go through my list of brain farts.

  • Leo peed in the house for the very first time tonight. That we know of, haha… heh. ehhhh— but really, I don’t think he has before. I think we’d notice. I have an insanely sensitive nose and his pee is stinkyyyy. The other day Marlowe said, “I like having a new dog around.” and I said, “what dog?” Heh. I guess he doesn’t feel very new around here anymore. He still fits in quite well— just has some serious aggression issues still 🙁 Not with us thankfully, but still tough. I always wonder what his life was like before us. Or what Jerry’s life was like before I got him. Seven years of wonder for Jerry. And about three years of mystery for Leo.
  • The image above is not a new image by any means. But man, I wish I was sitting on that patio, smelling the jungle and ocean, an eating coconuts now. I mean who doesn’t want that? Well, anyone with a coconut allergy maybe. The photo belongs to a really pretty Mexico blog post if you want to check it out.
  • I know it’s supppppeeer trendy right now, but I ordered a bunch of latch hook stuff and started working on a new project today. On one hand I think it’s great– because I love easy activities to keep my hands busy. And I super love repetitive tasks, there is just something so meditative about it. On the other hand, I put together a pretty big “goals I’d like to accomplish” list for myself this month and “things that occupy my mind and hands” is not on the list, haha. It’s more business type stuff or things I should have accomplished long ago. It’s supper easy to start a latch hook project if you want to occupy your hands too. All you need is a 4$ latch hook tool and a latch hook canvas— and then whatever yarn colors you’d like. Here is a youtube video some 12-year-old made on how to latch hook— seriously, so easy. I made a small rug kit when I was 10– anyone can do it haha.
  • Speaking of making things. Did I ever tell you guys that I used to weave? I used to have a giant weaving loom in my dining room. I would make rugs and scarves mostly. But then I moved and my giant hunk of wood wouldn’t fit in the moving truck. I tried to find a photo or some of the stuff I made, but I can’t find one. I’m still sad that I lost a ton of photos in a computer crash a few years back. Andddd now I just went into a giant click hole of endless flashback photos. Aww baby M and Jerry.
  • Speaking of a click hole, do you guys get sucked into random late night clicking? I used to ALL the time. Mostly with health stuff. And now I rarely do, but if I do, well it’s still with health stuff haha. I got sucked into a bunch of videos on fruitarianism the other night. I stumbled on this ted-talk. To be honest, It’s a bit slow, but I really liked it. It’s about the food we eat and health and stuff.
  • Speaking about health and stuff, I still haven’t finished my trauma book. I actually really, really like it, but I’m reading it slowllyyyy at my own pace.  And I started reading another book too. Are you guys multiple book readers? Or do you pick up one and not go for another until the first is finished? I typically don’t like reading multiple books– I like to find one good book to get sucked into.  I started reading The Plant Paradox. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Honestly, I feel bad saying it, but the author rubs me the wrong way a bit. Like, he’s too cocky? I’m not sure. But he has definitely brought up a few points that I agree with so far. And things I’ll be looking into researching more. I also just ordered this nutrition book today. I found it when I was in my late night click hole. Looks really good. I’m a fan of T. Collin Campbell— so I’m looking forward to it.
  • Still haven’t created that book club…
  • Want an update on my juice /fruit cleanse? Well, I was doing great! I was feeling so SO good! And so then we went out on a family date— and I ate all the things. And I may or may not have eaten nuts. Not sure. (Nut sure, haha). And the next day I woke up feeling like I had a hangover from hell. And now, almost a week later, I’m still feeling it. So as much as I don’t want to, I’m diving back into the fruit and juice life again. The biggest thing is, I don’t really want to. But I know I feel better doing it, so I can’t complain about my health unless I’m doing the things that make me feel best. Right? Right.
  • I did yoga outside yesterday. Without an instructor, by myself, at home. This is big for me. I can sometimes get myself to do weight at home or maybe go out for a jog (heh. it’s like a quick walk) around the park. But I can’t ever get myself motivated to do yoga without a class. But I did it. And it was hot as hell (because I was outside). And I felt like death (because I ate all the things on our family outing day). But I did it. Now if I can only make it a regular thing…
  • I didn’t sign up for the gym like I had planned to. Maybe one day.
  • Oh! Last thing, maybe most important! I got my newsletter up and running again. I started getting SO many emails about not receiving daily post updates to inboxes anymore. And I was like, “okay I HAVE to figure this out.” I sent out a newsletter of a bunch of random thoughts and life updates and what not. And one of you sweet people messaged me with a video on how to get an automatic newsletter sent out again. And so I did it! So now if you’ve signed up for my RSS feed in the past or my newsletter now, you’ll be receiving updates on posts. My question is: do you guys want them whenever there is a new post? Or weekly? I feel like daily post emails feel like a bit much. I think I might set it up for weekly? I don’t know. I’m just happy to have finally (after maybe a year?!?!) have it figured out! If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter– and would like to be– go ahead and look on the side bar (if you’re on desk top) or scroll down to the bottom of the blog (on desktop or mobile) and enter in your email address. I’m ordering a bunch more cookbooks this week to start doing some giveaways via newsletter 🙂 I mean, this blog is as much of a personal letter to you guys as any email will be, but still, it’s fun to have both. Feels like this one is a public letter and the newsletter is a private club– that everyone is invited to haha.

Alright friends! I’m off! It’s almost ten pm and I’m going to do a bit of latch-hooking in bed until Alex comes home. I know, I’m a super sexy exciting beast haha. I hope you had a good weekend and have a better Monday. Thanks for being here <3


  1. i used to love those latch hook kits when i was younger!! i made a pillow, ha. i have a rug my mom made when she was younger and i love it. i should check those out again!

  2. HOWEVER I must add that I am super serious about my fitness and would never, ever miss a day of working out even if I’m sick. So I am different from most people.

  3. I find my $10/month gym membership to be worthwhile even though I only go at certain times of the year. I’ve had to go several times in the last week to run on the treadmill because it’s been too smoky to run outside — hazardous air. And in the winter sometimes it’s icy or snowing or raining REALLY hard and I also can’t run outside. Generally I am OK running in light rain but if it’s too heavy then I go inside. So basically that’s just a few months out of the year where I go to the gym intermittently. Otherwise I prefer to run outside. Gym membership is still worth it for the price. If you have a Planet Fitness near you, that’s who offers such nice pricing.

    PS I am a certified yoga teacher and I STILL hate doing yoga at home by myself.

  4. I think gym memberships are a waste of money, unless you a) really love having a personal trainer, b) make a workout date with someone to keep you accountable, or c) live around the corner from it. I only know one person who continues going to her gym, and she goes for b), meeting people she knows there. Well done on the home yoga, though!

    If your dog has never gone in the house before and you haven’t recently moved (I’m not that up to date on things, obviously), you might need to see a vet to make sure he doesn’t have a UTI or similar problem.

    P.S. It’s nice to get your newsletter in the inbox again!

  5. Haha! That’s totally me. I’m usually reading multiple books at the same time. I usually have one spiritual book, one fiction novel, and one book about business or self-help going at the same time.

    ~Laurali Star