Hello Again, Valladolid. Alex and I came to Valladolid 5 years ago. We were in search of adventure. Something new to both of us. Valladolid seemed more foreign then. Smaller too. Five years ago this place was lesser known for sure. A combination of beautiful colored walls and the internet made this place more known I’m sure. Either way, we knew from the beginning that Valladolid would be on our list of places to visit when driving through the Yucatán.

And just like the first time we visited it, five years ago, I’m happy we ventured out here again— this time with Marlowe. I didn’t take many photos here at all. And not because the town was lacking in beauty. It was because this was nearing the end of our time in Mexico, my body was worn, the weather was hot, and I just wanted to focus on taking it all in. Here are some of the few moments I did photograph.

Rainy street corners.

Beautiful textured walls and dirty finger nails.


Not many of these rides are left. She’s growing too fast.

Floors. Gosh these floors. I love them all.

The first time we came to Valladolid this cenote may have had a handful of people visiting and no one swimming. This time there were tour busses parked outside, rows of people in line to walk through, and men dressed up for tourists. Slightly sad, but still beautiful .

We had hoped to come back for Marlowe to swim, but it didn’t happen. Next time.

I found the cutest selfie on my camera.

Bright buildings, old cars, small town vibes, I love it all.

Breakfast with an un-amused 7-year-old who wants coffee (and didn’t get it, haha).

The waiting game.

We found some car troubles with our rental this day. So Alex was kind enough to handle it while M and I adventured through the town on our own. We got paletas, went into the cutest shops, and stopped for a smoothie and guacamole break (where Alex joined us). This restaurant was actually the one Alex and I had visited here 5 years ago. Last time it was a small hole in the wall, with a few outdoor tables. This time it was all dressed up and new.

Out of all the tile floors, this one is my favorite. I found it a few times on our trip to Mexico and loved it every time.

The next morning we loaded up our rental car and made our way to the airport. I was sad to leave, but grateful to experience it all. I really, really love Mexico. (But I think you guys know that).


  1. Love all the colors, and the tiles are sooo beautiful, thanks for the inspiring picts! Btw un-amused Marlowe- Still so cute 🙂