Want to see a new bedroom tour? We gave our space a little re-vamping this month. Nothing major– you’ll notice we still have a lot of our main pieces in our space, but a little makeover once in a while doesn’t hurt– and the little changes actually made quite the difference . I’m pretty happy with this space– the light comes in the windows around 4pm (our bedroom window faces the west), it’s even more amazing.

Also, I’m not going to lie to you– Alex was a lot of the design behind this space– I was totally comfortable with our room before hand, but he was the one pushing for a makeover and making most of the decisions while I just filled the pace with “whatever you want”s. I wanted the room a touch more minimalistic– I was happy with two small rugs in the room and now we have a scattering of them everywhere. But our walls are still pretty bare –though I’m thinking a big green print in the corner might be nice– maybe a blown up farm/jungle/banana leaf print. We’ll see. That goes against my minimalist wants haha.  Either way, in the end, our bedroom came out super cozy, light, and dreamy which is just how I would want my bedroom space. Hooray!

Also, I’ll try to link what items I can– but be warned, not much of it is linkable. And whatever items I bought from a real store, were bought well over two-three years ago– so probably not in stock! I know– I’m THE WORST blogger when it comes to being up to date on the coolest products, but whatever guys! That’s just not how my space (or I) work I guess! <3<3 So here we gooooo… our updated super bright bedroom tour:

Our bed! Our bed still stayed very much the same. We added pendant lights we purchased in Mexico. And Alex wanted to say goodbye to his night table. Obviously the table lamps are gone too. At first we thought we would lose the Indian tapestry — we thought it would just be too overwhelming with the pendant lights, but in the end it ended up blending well! Our headboard in the same— and still my favorite!

Our bedding is not anything fancy. The sheets are just an organic set we found on amazon. The blanket on top must have been a hand me down from my mom– we’re not even sure! It was just in our home and we used it, haha. The decorative pom pom blanket was gifted from an import site online– but I cannot, for the life of me remember the name! It was at least three years ago! The two white inlay pillows I brought back from india. And the pretty colorful pillow in front of the bed is from Anthropologie.

We changed out the brown chair in the corner with a hammock we bought in mexico. We had originally purchased this for Marlowe’s room— but her room is a bit too small. She had the choice between the chair and moving her desk into her room and she went for her desk. So we thought– let’s hang the hammock in our room! We had also debated removing that beautiful stained glass lamp, but it seems to blend too. We might eventually change it out for a ceiling fan (gasp, I know people hate those, but I’d rather have the windows open more and the AC on less). We’ll see. I believe we found the stained glass pendant  at home goods– but here is a similar one online.

The layered rugs are all Alex. I really liked the clean look of two small side rugs– but he wanted something more cozy. We had debated putting back our fluffy white rug for a while. We liked that rug A LOT, but the space feels so much more open without it. The white and blue one we had brought back from Guatemala. The other two are vintage kilim rugs.

The biggest change you’ll see in our room is the paint. Originally we had all white walls and one yellow one. But we re-painted all he walls to make them white white— we also removed the ugly and pointless banister. And then we added this pink + yellow paint detail. We were super nervous about trying to paint a straight line on textured walls, but Alex nailed it. I’m still impressed by it.

I left my bedside table the same. You can’t see it, but Marlowe scribbled on one of the legs of the table and it’s my favorite thing ever. She never, ever did things like that as a toddler— I never had to worry about her putting things in her mouth or taking a marker and having a field day with the walls. This was the one incident that took place where she ‘broke the rules’ and it makes me smile so much. So this table stays.

I found this cute pineapple basket in Izamal and the mudras hand hook in Nepal.

Alex had originally opted to remove his night table all together. Theres really not much ever on it– sometimes headphones or a phone, but that’s it. But then I found this cement block from home goods and thought it would be perfect. I thought if anything, we can use it outside or as a plant holder in the house, but it stayed here. Perfect.

We didn’t change much on this side of the room (besides the paint job). We moved the giant yellow dresser out of the room and into the dining room. We minimized our wardrobes and everything has way more than enough space in the closet. The only new addition is the basket hanging from the antelope– I picked that up (chased down the basket man) in Cartagena. Seriously tho– I almost tripped and killed myself trying to catch him. I was inside the house and I saw him walk by so I out and down the street to get him! Haha. Worth it.

Our little self of doo-dads. A bamboo speaker that I picked up in Asheville. A jar filled with change and an assortment of change and bills from all the countries we’ve been to. A jar filled seashells from our travels too. Little gifts, and a candle + matches. The shelf is also from home goods (about two years ago)– which I’m realizing is one of the few places I ever visit. Or used to visit. It’s pretty rare for me to go these days.

This hanging embroidery piece I picked up at Salvation Army a few years ago.

I very much am growing to dislike this mirror. It might be time to part with it. The blue fabric on top is a cinta from Guatemala. And a blue kimono I found in a random organic shop in st. Pete.

The antelope was a gift from my mom about 5+ years ago. It’s main purposes have become: jewelry holder + plant supporter. It does its job.

A wooden mask from india on the wall + our closet. There were never doors on the closet when I moved into this house. One day we’d like to act the doorway or try to create a better looking space with this closet, but for now some opaque curtains do the trick.
All the vintage rugs forever.

Voila! Our bedroom space! What do you think? Is the paint too much? Minimalistic enough? not layered enough? Green print in the corner behind the swing chair? (I really feel like it’ll make the space look bigger/with more windows). Have questions on other pieces? Again– sorry I can’t link more. Looking through the post the only thing really linkable was the headboard– I’m sorry! I like that though. I like that we created a unique space created mostly by pretty items found abroad, some vintage pieces, and other random finds here and there 🙂

ps. check out the old tour (though there was definitely a fair amount of changes in-between. or check out all our room tours HERE.


  1. I actually love that you don’t have “linkable” items lol. One of the things I love about your blog is your unique style in the way that you blog and do life. Looks great!

  2. I go for very white and neutral colors when decorating, I say it’s because that’s what I prefer but honestly, it’s because I have no clue what I am doing. I have no idea how you manage to take so many different patterns and textures and make it all look so amazing together! I always love seeing snapshots of your home!

  3. donna kelly

    Love it, so warm and welcoming. It’s like waking up to a story of all your travels. Not sure if the space needs the print, but I get what you mean (it’ll mirror the green tree in your window making it look like there’s more windows) but I think the hammock chair is enough, sometimes the negative space is just as important, and you’ve plenty of mirrors bouncing light and elongating the space already. I love the paint job, those colours work so well together, and kudos to Alex on the straight lines, I’d have had to paint some mountain-scape to cover up a dodgy line! Itching to make over our own house now!