It’s been a while since I’ve done a full on “pictures of recently enjoyed things” — I guess I typically do them less while traveling because each day is typically a big adventure in itself– so I take a series of photos. At home in Florida its more of sporadic moments from time to time. Here are those moments that have brought me joy lately…

Banananana. we have so many banana bunches happening in our yard right now.  I think one of my favorite things about our house is looking out and seeing all the trees.

We’ve painted our wall green! If you guys remember our dining room tour, we left this wall white. Did I tell you guys this story? How We left it white before because Alex thought it would be overcrowded– but then we were fixing up the room and he suggested we should paint the wall green? And so I asked, “but before you should it would just be too crowded and too much color — and now you want to do it, what changed?” He responds, “Mexico happened.” Haha. Fair enough.

+ My favorite little girl in her new favorite hiding space with her pup pup.

One of my favorite ladies. I’m glad I met her two drunken nights in a row– well over a decade ago. We’re both old grannies now who could never fathom two drunk nights in a row now, but it’s perfect. Now we go for coffee or tea dates instead of wine, beer, and whiskey dates. ps. marlowe took this photo. she’s the best too.
Go fly a kite.
She makes her bed everyday and it’s perfect. Well, actually today she didn’t but she does 95% of the time– without anyone asking her. She likes a tidy and clear space to think too 🙂
A family photo. Not a great one. But we have one 🙂
Working + cactus shopping combined. The best kind of day.
The time our house got struck by lightening and the power went out. We kept in the kitchen to avoid windows, heh. We’ve had SO much rain lately. It’s summer so we’re not surprised. Just got a new leak in the roof too. Adventures in home owning continues.

My friend and our lady date. We’re not weirdos. You’re weirdos. Steph ^ is the one I mentioned with the podcast rambles the other day. 
Leo the dum dum. He ate through this leash three times. Each time it got shorter with knots. Now it’s too short. What a dum dum. But I’m happy to have a dog that enjoys sticks, haha.
Delicious dinner anyone? It’s the rice bowls we typically make, but waaaaay more fancied up. We have some marinated tempeh, romaine, spicy kimchi cucumbers, pickled ginger, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, cabbage, marinated watermelon (TERRIBLE food combining, but delicious for sure), cilantro, and brown sushi rice under all the goodness.

We just keep getting bad news on the house, but other than that things are good. Or good enough. Marlowe is back at camp this week. Alex is at work. I’m just trying to accomplish things with work and around the house. My stomach blew up this week (accidental gluten indecent) but otherwise I can’t complain. I hope you guys are doing well 🙂

Also I realized this posts are a lot like my 11 random things post. I guess thats why I always liked them so much 🙂

Happy weekend friends!


  1. quick Q about all that delicious-looking vinyl!! Where did you get it all and how often do you play it??

  2. Yay for Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things coming back! 😀