Hi friends! How are you? If you follow me on instagram then you know life has been weird (not bad, but different). New haircut (18 inches shorter than my hair pictured above) and filled with farrrrr too many hours of Harry Potter movies. My health is still iffy– which is obviously not fun. And I haven’t mentioned it, but our house is totally falling apart (still. again? more!). Two new leaks in the roof and hurricane season isn’t even here yet! It’s been crazy. We’re working on it. BUT even though a lot of our house is falling apart– our new bedroom is still great (which I shared), but also, we totally updated our dining room with a brand new, simpler, more refined gallery wall! I LOVE IT so much. Our dining room wall looks amazinggggg! I’m so happy that I finally get to share the finished product with you!

When Fractured Glass (an amazing Florida based company) reached out– I was actually pretty hesitant. We’ve worked with a few photo printing companies in the past but I’ve always opted to stay away from glass prints. Alex made it seem like glass prints would make our home feel like a hotel or art museum, haha.  But this time, I said yes, I’d try the company out and see how it went. I wasn’t planning to do a gallery wall, maybe just a print or two and then if I didn’t love it, I could give it to my mom. Awful, I know. But I figured she would love any photo of me and M? Right? That’s how it works?

But the prints came in the mail and I was so freaking blown away! Guys, I seriously cannot tell you enough good things about the quality of these prints. They are INSANE. The printed glass looks AMAZING. I immediately emailed the company and told them how impressed I was and that the print would now be taking over my dining room with a gallery wall because I was so in love with the prints. (Sorry mom, no prints for you).

The lighting in my dining room is complete garbage, but I hope the photos I took for you guys can show you a little bit of how amazing these prints are. And if not, please take my word on it, I completely and totally recommend considering ordering glass prints from Fracture. They’re beautiful.

The point is: I want to point you guys over to the Fracture blog. I did an entire blog post on their Fracture site showing you guys:

  1. how to make your own gallery wall (it’s really not as complicated as some sites say it is!!!)
  2. the progression of our wall over the years.
  3. how amazing our new completed gallery wall looks!! I think you guys will be really impressed. It’s so pretty! seriously, I’m in love!
ALSO, I’m super excited to tell you guys that Fracture is offering you guys 10% off your order! Use discount code OHDEARDREA10 at checkout to use it! And all orders over 100$ receive free shipping 🙂



Want to win 200$ for your own fracture glass prints? Head over to my Fracture blog post and leave a comment telling us what you’d print for your home! And for what room too 🙂 One winner will be chosen from their comments section 🙂 Cheers friends! 

ps. I had picked out a few photos based on our recent trip to Mexico— I picked out photos that could match each other, but I was impressed at how well they also matched our dining room wall! That I didn’t really plan. It was just magic.

pps. our dining room looks great for now, but Marlowe and I leave for our trip– one of our leaks will finally be handled and these floors are going to get ripped up. I’m not necessarily looking forward to it, but happy to get it done!

Alright friends. I hope you love our wall as much as I do. I’m working on the second and third part of blogging as a career— I want to talk about me taking on less– because less is more when your health is like mine (and maybe in general?). I’ve worked a lot less (maybe you can tell) — but I just want to focus on my health + my family– but I’m super excited to share these guys with you + two other amazing companies I’m working with this month. I wouldn’t have taken them on if I didn’t LOVE them 🙂 Go to the guest post and enter the giveaway!


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