Oh my goodness guys, I’m so bummed right now. I just wrote the longest post and the entire thing erased/disappeared when I hit publish. I’m so bummed. My computer was already being super glitchy with the adapter set up here in the UK and then POOF the post I had: GONE.

Gah. All gone. I wrote about the magic experienced in simplicity. In not even trying to accomplish something– but feeling rewards when you’ve realized you’re living in it. I dont know guys. It feels silly to write about living and doing things intentionally and then having something like this happen, haha. But that’s exactly what I just experienced.

So yeah, I haven’t been on my computer much this week. For two reasons. One because this was Marlowe’s birthday week– so I wanted the focus to be on her. Not me in front of a screen. I wanted to really live in this trip with her and not worry about much else. And also because, as mentioned, my adapter situation felt off. I swear it felt like my computer would explode every time I plugged it in, so I stepped away. Well, I’m happy to say that I was finally able to comfortably charge my computer. (it”s too bad the post disappeared though).

As mentioned, I haven’t been taking a zillion photos. Some days were filled with more photos than others. But even the days filled with the most photos, were still mostly quick snaps of little moments here and there (like inn this post). I don’t want to live my life with posed moments all the time. I mean, sometimes yes, because I do want o look back and see photos of us standing together in front of a pretty place, but I want to look back and really feel and see real life, un-styled.

The weather has been all over the place on this trip. It started off warm and then the temps dropped a bit. Now it’s mostly cold in the morning and evenings, but once the sun hits mid day– we’re able to de-layer quite a bit.

On this particular day we had a picnic in mind. I think I said this, but we didn’t have big detailed plans this trip. Some plans yes (like marlowes birthday surprise) but mostly, we had a few ideas in mind. One idea we had set our intentions to was having a big giant delicious picnic by the Eiffel tower. Well, since we had visited the Eiffel Tower the day before (unplanned) and it was quite a trek to get there, we had decided to move our picnic to somewhere closer.

So we started this particular day with breakfast a small vegan space– you know, to fill us up before our picnic adventure. Because half the adventure in having a picnic is collecting all the most delicious things to eat along the way.

One of the things I’m most focused on is being intentional with all my choices. In what I buy, where I eat, what I wear, how I react, and so forth. I dont want to over-think everything all the time, but I want to be sure that I’m thoughtful in my living. And this day, without planning it, made me feel like I’m really getting somewhere with this path of living.

I’ve worked with Athleta before (twice actually). And I wrote about how each purchase we make gives us the ability to be more thoughtful in our actions. We choose what we buy. Our money is our vote for the world we want. I wrote about how Athleta is a good company– with the ability to be a great company. Well, I can without a doubt tell you now that from then and now, I’ve seen a huge difference in the products they carry. So many more sustainable, recycled, and fair trade items than ever before. I’m so very much impressed. I’ve lived in this sweater basically every single day of this trip. Completely recycled cotton– and recycled plastic bottles. The same with my pants. And my (not pictured here) tank top too. 

After our vegan breakfast we made our way to an all organic market near by. This was a great stop — our first stop for our picnic. We picked up all the delicious things we could need– olives, hummus, pesto, fruits, and more. The bakery wasn’t too far off– but man it took a lot of time from this point to the next to make our way there.

Because on route we found a playground– and let me tell you– we’ve basically stopped at every playground we’ve found on this trip. Because this is very much Marlowe’s trip. And well, playgrounds in Europe are great. And even better when the sun shines down and you can let out some sillies in the sunshine.

Matching pants for the win. I would have gotten us matching tops too haha, but Marlowe was all about this shirt– cause it was the softest thing ever– and had thumbholes. (obviously a great choice, haha)

Man I love her.

And her long legs. Must be nice to wear high-tops and still look tall– I’ve never had that luxury 😉

After the playground we continued our walk. We stopped in a church (not pictured) and then I saw the most beautiful flower shop. And so of course, knowing me, I went in– and bought myself flowers.

And then right next door we got lured into a soap store– because look at this dog! And of course I bought handmade soap too (a gift for Alex).

And then, what felt like hours later, we finally made our way into the gluten free bakery, picking up three loaves of bread. Not without stopping to buy a handmade puppet for Marlowe too of course.

From start to finish our picnic adventure took HOURS. A slow walk, stopping every few feet to look at more beautiful things. But then at the end of all of it– this amazingness happened. I looked down and not only did we have the most amazing (and very un-styled) picnic in front of us, but it was also so completely delicious.

And more than that? I had this moment of sheer joy and satisfaction because I Was able to look down and find myself standing at the foot of the most naturally sustainable moment. Flowers (and flours –hah) all locally, organically, and sustainably grown. Reusuable silverware. Reusuable drink ware. And with the expiation of the bag of popcorn and yogurt (in plastic) all organic and sustainable food too. As well as everything we were wearing being from a B corporation company doing it’s best (and accomplishing) to more and more sustainable each year that passes.

You know, sometimes our homeschool days in the world are filled with lessons and notes– and sometimes we’re just living and I know that she’s taking in simple life lessons that will be the most valuable ones— that the choices we make will impact the world– no matter how big or how simple and small they are. I know that living in these moments now will set her up to change the world each days that she grows. She’s an amazing girl who will grow up to do amazing things– and each moment she’s living now will impact a bigger picture. I couldn’t be more proud of her and who she is and the moments we’re living in, growing in, and learning in together.

I looked down in this moment and realized that each day of intentionally making choices led me here. I was at a  simple picnic where I could feel proud of each action I made– and even though I try to thoughtfully and intentionally live– that these actions were no longer needing a hard thinking through– they were just second nature– part of our life. And I know maybe it seems silly to some, but it just felt so good.

And so– we enjoyed our slow day. We took on the day in a simple way and it was perfect.

I’ll keep saying it, but little intentional actions can make a big impact. It’s so good to look back at working with Athleta through the years and see their own growth too. We should all work harder each day– and its good to see big companies doing this too. If you’re not already, and you want make a small change, do consider looking into Athleta for some really comfortable, easy to live, work, travel in sustainable items. You wont be disappointed.

This post was sponsored by Athleta, but all words, thoughts, actions, and delicious real life moments are my own 😉

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