Hi friends! How are you?! Sorry for the short bit of silence in this space. I knew leaving for this last trip I would either be super productive and get a lot done or I would completely tune out and recharge. I brought my computer with intentions to work, but with no self-inflicted rules or requirements. I ended up unplugging. It felt really good.

I mean, I won’t lie, I do feel a bit overwhelmed coming back, knowing that my inbox is full and those 20-something drafted posts are still sitting there– but again, no pressure. I wanted to give myself a break and I did and it would be counterintuitive to stress about it now, you know?

I know I’ve said it, but for the longest time I used to be go go go go. I was all about the hustle. More was more and less was not enough. And while that can certainly be helpful in some aspects of life, it can definitely be harmful to others. And now, for me and what I want out of life, I’ve been the go go go to the side (mostly anyway) to focus on slowing down and stressing less.

So I slowed. It feels good. But now I guess I have to jump back in. I imagine this is what people feel like when they work a scheduled job and take a week or two break. My other work-for-themselves friends and I always discuss the goods and bars of working for ourselves. On one hand I think it would be so nice to have a job where someone else sets a schedule and the rules and you go in, get your job, go home, and turn off your work brain. But then on the other hand— I really like my freedom and the creativity that working for myself allows. When you work for yourself, no matter how many perks are involved, you don’t really have the luxury to not think and worry about your job/business. You gotta always be on. The first time I didn’t blog for longer than 4 days was when I was in the hospital for a week– so that gives you an idea of what a big deal it is for me to not be here updating this thing every couple of days.

This is when we realized that the dolphin was eating my head ^ heh. I’m also realizing how I need to get my hat reshaped– cause it’s really beat up right now.

This past week was good. And coming home has been good, but weird. We’ve only been home a few hours and we’re antsy. Mostly because we just learned Alex has a few days off and we have zero plans and theres very little to do here in florida without the beach. And it feels like a shame to be able to spend so much time with Alex and be stuck indoors. You know? We’ll see where this week takes us. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we might fly to Mexico or New Orléans for a few days– I KNOW we just got back, but I mean, we found last-minute flights for 150$ to New Orléans! Terrible flight times (hello 5 am and midnight flights) but not a terrible idea, you know? Chances are we’ll stay here, but who knows. Next thing you know, we might be elsewhere.

I’ve got more and more questions about my outfits lately. Do you guys want me to post more about them? It doesn’t feel completely natural, but I’m debating. Most of my stuff I find traveling. I typically just google eco or artisan shops (depending on where I am) and then pop in to buy something I wouldn’t be able to find in florida. Often things I buy are not linkable (artisan pieces from central or South America) but some of the items I buy are. Depends.

My top is from HERE. my pants are from HERE. Marlowe and my shoes are from HERE (don’t be fooled by the front page, they offer vegan/non leather shoes) My hat is from HERE. Marlowe’s dress is from Mexico.

Anyway, I’m already bored talking about clothes, haha.

We’re back, and if we don’t fly or drive somewhere this week, I’m going to try meeting with some therapists. I used to see therapists in college — but have since stopped. But I’m looking into EMDR therapy and it seems like a really good match for my trauma + nightmare/sleep problems. We’ll see. I don’t know the costs or anything yet– and therapy for sure feels like an expensive luxury, but I think it could be worth it (if the process works).

Overall, health wise, I’m now okay. I have a stomach-ache going on from eating less than easy foods to digest. But other than that, I feel pretty good. I plan on doing vegan Indian dosa buffet tonight with Marlowe and Laura. Maybe a terrible idea. But a delicious terrible idea.

And tomorrow I’ll ease back into a lower fat diet. And hopefully back into some home workouts– it’s been a while, but I definitely feel better being more active (duh, everyone does). I just want to find the balance between self-care and productivity at home while being able to travel and unplug while away. So far so good.

I hope you guys had an amazing week. I’m going to go put on some blush and head out to early bird dinner buffet 🙂 Cheer’s friends! Happy new week!

ps. yes I totally posted three of almost the same identical photo. I think they’re cute 😉


  1. Catherine

    EMDR is amazing. I had no idea what I was dealing with after my son almost died coupled with PPD. It was awful. I was so skeptical of it, but wow, it helped so much. No more panic attacks and nightmares about the NICU anymore. I consider therapy a NECESSITY for health. Just as important as eating well and exercise. XO. Glad you had a great trip. You’ve inspired me to take a quick one too!

  2. I’ve had EMDR therapy. I was very sceptical beforehand, but all I can say is that it absolutely works. Here in the UK, they are thinking of prescribing EMDR therapy on the NHS for every person who presents with PSTD.

  3. I’m happy you had a great trip! I have found therapy to be an amazing (potentially even life-changing) resource to me for anxiety. If it is within your means, I highly recommend it! Good luck!