I promised you guys a recipe, and I finally went through with it. This radish salad recipe is super simple. And honestly, the first time we made it, I was super surprised at how Marlowe gobbled it up. She had never been a huge radish fan before, but this converted her. Are you guys radish fans? I like them a lot, but rarely buy them. But since the creation of this recipe (we started making it while away in Mexico– where radish’s are abundant) we’ve dived back in to the world of radishes once again.

All it takes is a few ingredients really. And it’s easy to sub out for whatever greens you have. Marlowe and Alex love romaine, so we typically go with that. The crunch matches the crunch of the radish pretty well. You’ll notice I didn’t add salt in here, I’m trying to keep salt to a minimum. But Alex definitely adds a pinch of salt in here. Salt does give the dressing and extra punch, but I don’t think it’s truly needed. You go with your preferences!

I’ve used raw coconut sugar in the recipe, but you could use honey or agave or another type of sweetener you prefer. We use raw coconut sugar a fair bit around here because its unrefined and low glycemic– and I’m sure it varies brand it brand, but it tastes really good too. And of course, feel free to adjust sugar/acid levels to your taste.

And hey, if you hate cilantro, don’t use it! Again, when we created this recipe we were in Mexico so we were using the fresh abundant produce grown there 🙂 This salad was typically paired with a bean and veggie soup for dinner, tacos, or like yesterday, when we had it for lunch: a big bowl of guacamole and chips.

We find ourselves more filled than expected when we eat giant salads, but if you wanted to make it a bit more hearty, then something like roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin, and/or avocado would be a great add-on. And all the pumpkin-ness works with fall now, right? Right. So when you’re emptying out your pumpkins and looking at the seeds, keep this recipe in mind 🙂

Marlowe’s Favorite Vegan Radish Salad Recipe

You’ll need:
  • One head of romaine
  • One bunch of radish (or feel free to use less if you’re nervously working your way into the world of radish)
  • A big handful of cilantro (optional)
  • A quarter of a small red onion
  • Juice of one juicy lime
  • 1 tablespoon raw coconut sugar
How to:
  • give everything a good wash– because romaine and cilantro and dirty greens for sure.
  • then chop your romaine– you can chop it as roughly or as refined as you like. I like a nice thin, maybe centimeter thick chop.
  • rough chop your cilantro.
  • remove radish greens and slice up those radishes into thin match sticks.
  • slice up your onion super thin.
  • juice your lime into a small bowl, add coconut sugar, and mix well until sugar dissolves into liquid.
  • combine everything together in a large mixing bowl and serve!

And voila! you have a super easy and tasty new salad recipe to add to your diet 🙂 Also! I want to note, you can totally add the radish greens right into your salad! Or sub them for the romaine, but they are a bit intense! Marlowe has taken a liking to radishes but isn’t full force into the greens yet. I usually give those a good wash and dry and then save them for my morning to throw them in my  juicer 🙂 They are also great to cook with!  If you don’t use them for the salad, then definitely save them for something else! They’re super good for you!

Alright friends, there you go! I am hoping to create some more recipes soon– especially since our living room is sort of back in order– I mean, I have a floor to take photos on now! (I take all my food photos by the back sliding door on a mat on the floor– super fancy). Marlowe and I head out-of-town again on Sunday, but then we’re back in a week. So if I don’t have more recipes this week, then definitely expect at least a few once we get back.

Okay friends, I hope you’re doing well. It’s now 10 am and hunger is setting in– so I’m going to try to start my day. Cheers.

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