While in Paris, we had the most magical birthday tea party for Marlowe. It wasn’t planned. It was something we stumbled upon. Well, to be clear, my mother stumbled upon. Probably around 3 or 4 in the morning during our late night jet lag fun. We had planned to do a nice dinner together to celebrate Marlowe’s birthday, since my mom wouldn’t be around on the real day. But instead, tea party magic happened.

Marlowe truly is an old woman in a child’s body. She could drink a warm cup of tea all day. And so the idea of dressing up and going out to have a tea party– with all vegan treats? Well that was perfect. We started the day wandering the hills of Montmartre -working up an appetite for sweets of course 😉  And while wandering the streets we found a tiny shop selling handmade children capes– Perfect to attend a little girly tea party, don’t you think?

We got dressed and ready. Walked out to the street to wait for our uber. And took a drive to the hotel for our tea party, passing the Eiffel tower along the way. We walked into a big room and told Marlowe to sit where she like. She picked an herbal tea and waiting for the sweets.

You guys know we don’t eat a lot of sweets around here. I mean, maybe a lot of ice-cream and paletas when we travel, but outside of that not much. But man, Marlowe was so happy to able to try a macaroon for the first time. And it was so funny to watch our fruit and kale loving child take little bites out of all the desserts she could. Something so far out of our norm, but something special for her birthday. Also, I cant be that mad when there were no processed oils or sugars being used. And fair-trade chocolate? It was basically a tea party of my dreams too 😉

Marlowe knows full and well that I cried when I received the news that I’d be having a little girl. I wanted a boy. I was scared to have a girl. I didn’t know if I could mother a little girl. But it turns out having a little girl was the best thing I could have ever asked for. She’s so sweet, kind, empathetic, thoughtful, and more. I don’t know how or why I have such a stand up human in my life, but I truly do.

I’m sure she felt like a little princess on this day. She had picked out a vintage dress down in Miami about a week before. She calls it her “Wendy dress” because it reminds her of Peter Pan. She had been so excited to wear it in France. And then she found her perfectly pink cape to match just that morning. She spun and twirled throughout the hotel. Until one of the staff came up and said, “well, since its your birthday, maybe you’d like to go upstairs and see the special private banquet rooms.” She was so happy. And of course, we said yes and made our way upstairs to explore.

Marlowe walked and twirled around. She looked at me and said, “This place is so fancy! It’s like the gilded age!” She wasn’t wrong. She’s never wrong.

I was mostly happy being behind the camera on this day. My mom did snap some photos of me when she met us upstairs though. I have learned what Marlowe must feel like when we travel– turning around and seeing someone with a camera there– almost all the time, haha.

We stepped out on the patio and there it was waiting for her, the Eiffel Tower. You know, the first time Alex and I went to Paris we didn’t bother to visit it. But it’s such a symbol of the city for Marlowe. So our second visit, the time we went with Marlowe, we did. And this visit, we promised her we would once again. We had intended to make our way there the next day. But it was right there! So close! So how could we not make our way there for her on her celebratory day?

Little miss Marlowe made her way through he park, crunching all the leaves along the way.

And without question, we stopped at the merry go-around for her. I let Marlowe and my mom do all the spinning and twirling for this part. I was happy standing back, not getting nauseous, and taking all the photos 😉

Her smile truly says it all. She had the best day. And I’m so grateful for it. I hope she remembers these moments well. I think she will. And I know the photos to look back on while help too. It’s not everyday that a parent gets to have these moments with their kid. It wasn’t very long ago that I couldn’t afford to do trips like this with her– or with Alex. But now, with a good amount of hard work and careful saving on my part, trips like this are within reach and taken. And I don’t take them for granted for a second. I want to live in these feelings and moments with her because I know how lucky we are.

I know I give her a lot. I give her all I can. And I would give her more if I could. I don’t know a sweeter human and so, she deserves all this and more.

This day was perfect. And I can only hope to relive it again with her one day. <3

ps. our tea date was at the shangri-la hotel if you guys are curious. It’s all vegan and we asked for it to be gluten free as well 🙂 Definitely too much sugar for us, we would have preferred more savory to sweet tea treats, but it was wonderful none-the-less. Oh and we totally ended the night with pizza. Because we were truly celebrating and glutton for punishment.


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  2. Christine

    Happy belated Birthday to your sweet Marlowe! You all are the cutest! Every time I read your blog posts I get a feeling of peace and calm and just ahhh like when you sit down and and take a breather after feeling pressure all around. Thanks for sharing! 😘

  3. Gabriela

    My heart just melted!. I’ve seen Marlowe grow (via Instagram/Blog, hahaha). So… naturally, I get excited when I see her (and you!) happy.