This might be the longest amount of time Marlowe and I have been home in over a year. Well, to be honest, we’re not even home. We’re currently a few miles south of home, staying in my moms condo while our house is upside down in repairs. But regardless, this is the longest amount of time we’ve been “home” in a while. And for the record, it’s been only been about three weeks, haha.

I swore up and down that I wouldn’t travel anywhere for a while. My goal was to make it until February here in South Florida. I mean, the weather is finally nice here. (Cold enough for jeans and long sleeves today!) But then here I am– on a Monday evening doing everything in my power to not book an escape for Marlowe and I this coming month.

There’s a lot of obvious reasons to why I find travel to be so amazing and fulfilling. Especially with a kid– it’s totally different to travel alone vs with a kid, but I truly love getting out with her. I really like the simplicity of each day when we travel— that getting up and going for a walk in a new town or city feels like something. It feels new each day. And I think that’s what I liked about our time in Mexico so much (besides the food). I liked that we could walk around town each day and each day find a new piece of magic on a simple walk.

These are obviously old photos. But these are the simple moments that I collected on everyday adventures while away. I’m not sure if I’ll end up holding out to February, but we’ll see. February would be an entirely new trip anyway– to the west coast of Mexico — where we’ve never been before. But if I booked a trip before then, it would be back here, to the Yucatán, easily our favorite place– where all these photos exist. Until then I’ve lived in my happy memories– here are my pictures of enjoyed things in our everyday Mexico.

Sea-weedy walks. Mexico as well as South Florida had a huge seaweed issue this year. The seaweed bordered almost all the beaches everywhere. Not exactly an enjoyed thing, but it was an adventure finding a sea-weed free beach each day.

Bougainvillea in front of empty apartments for rent // random stairs to a random roof top in a random restaurant after getting lost in a random neighborhood development… that we weren’t even supposed to be in. That was an adventure.

Would you live in this building? It’s freaking amazing, but I worry about extra little friends who might also want to live in it? Hmm.

The prettiest buildings. Also, random, but a bit over a year ago I had this crazy dream that my friends Claudia and Will were showing me the home they purchased in Mexico– it looked a lot like this. It’s too bad they didn’t actually move to Mexico.

We decided to go for a really long beach walk one day. After the beach, we decided to head back to the road instead of walking back along the water. We left the beach and stumbled on a mayan ruin! How freaking cool.

Her favorite trees (we have these at home too). // And a home I got in trouble for taking a photo of. Womp.

Everyday we passed this wall. She asked to take a photo in front of it for her friend Lily. A few months later her friend Lily went to Mexico and took a photo in front of this wall 🙂

Lots of pretty floors in Mexico. I want them all.

Art and flowers everywhere.

This mural is basically my life.

Him and her. We average a good 4 miles of walking a day when we travel. I’m sure glad they enjoy walking too 🙂

Are you guys walkers? Do you live in walkable places? At home here in florida we live in a very residential neighborhood. We can walk to a park and two other locations. I don’t ever want to live in a huge city, but I appreciate city life for its walkability. I’d happily live in a place without a car and just use my feet 🙂


  1. Definitely make time for the Pacific coast of Mexico! There is so much more magic to be seen in this lovely country! ✨

  2. Christine

    We (hubby, me and 6 kiddos) are currently living in San Miguel de Allende and we are loving it. Very walkable city and since we don’t have a car that’s all we do. I can’t wait to visit the other cities too and the beach. We’ll be in Mexico until April.

  3. I’m in the Yucatan right now! Doing a lot of walking…I’m solo though so more like 6-7 miles/day 🙂