What are your kids interests? Were they influenced by you? Probably most of their interest were influenced by you, right? I mean, it’s only natural. We influence so much of what our kids do, what they say (and how they say it), how they act, etc. But of course, there are outside influences too.

There are certain things that I know translated into interests for Marlowe because of my influence. Gilmore girls, duh. Veganism. Fashion even– because while I may not be a fashion queen, I have introduced the love of clothing making and sustainable fashion. There is just so many things.

And art! I love art! But that’s also Alex too. We love art. But I can’t say we live and breathe it in our daily lives. So when Marlowe asked to go to the Louvre the first time— I knew, it was based on someones suggestion. Whose suggestion? I’m not sure.

But when Marlowe asked to go to the Louvre the second time? Well, that certainly wasn’t due to me. Don’t get me wrong. I think the Louvre is a magnificent building with some incredible works of art– but for me, there are other ways I’d like to spend an entire day in Paris. But for Marlowe, Running around the Louvre was high on her “visit Paris again” list. Really high.

For for me, how could I turn her down? I mean, it was her birthday week after all. And secondly, how could not I not nurture her love for fine art? This is a rare love in people these days and even more so in children. So when Marlowe requested a day at the Louvre, I agreed.

It was a chilly day that morning in Paris. But we put on some layers and walked our way to breakfast, then down to the Louvre.

You know, don’t get me wrong. I do love art. I’m just more of a contemporary art kind of girl. I can see the value in these giant works of art, but I can’t sit in awe for hours staring at one piece. For me though, I do love learning about ancient cultures. And I was super happy to see the Egyptian exhibit opened. Marlowe too. It was closed on our first visit, but this time we were both super happy to see the oldest and richest tombs around. And my mom was happy to see all of it with us.

The wonder in her face and how much love she has for this space is still astounding to me. An old giant building filled with hundred and thousand-year old art. But here she is, in awe of it all. I love her for it. We literally show up at the Louvre fed and stay for hours, until we get hungry again. And she finds magic in all the rooms in-between.

My influence? Finding humor in the Louvre. We impersonated old guys in many of the rooms. Finding the perfect ones to mimic. We laughed too hard to keep a straight face for most of them though.

The second photo is Marlowe looking at me saying, “REALLY MAMA? The feet?!” Yes, I totally took a photo of the feet and sent them to Alex… LOST anyone?

We had a good time at the Louvre. Marlowe and my mom especially. I mostly walked around and wondered, “what was the artist thinking?” but I know that’s part of the art gazing experience, so I felt I succeeded in this classical art filled day. But my favorite part, forever and always, will be the joy and awe Marlowe experienced.

Watching wonder and awe  in my kids face is my favorite feeling in the world.

Afterwards we decided to wander the streets some more (my favorite thing you know).  The sun had come out and warmed the air and we were happy to have bit of sunshine to warm us up. Without trying to we ended up here. Apparently this is a fashion blogger mecca here in Paris. We had no idea. I mean, obviously Marlowe had no idea. But neither did I. And then we show up and everyone and their mom is taking a fashion photo for instagram. Here is Marlowe’s super fancy one. JK. She was mid jump.

The leaves were starting to turn. I had someone message me and say the leaves dont turn colors in France. But that’s not true. Maybe not as much as in the northeast or in other parts of the world. But if you pay attention, they change and fall too. Even a little color turning is a lot for South Florida girls 🙂

This monkey. I rarely get lost. But I spent more time than I would like looking for a place for us to sit our butts down and enjoy some food (I’m limited of course) after the Louvre.

Eventually I gave up and we ubered our way to another part of town with more vegan choices. For Marlowe and food it’s easy. Caribbean, Indian, Ethiopian, she is basically drawn to any culture that has a flavorful curry. Me too.

Life is a song, sing it.

We were met by the sad news that they wouldn’t be serving dinner until 7pm. About 2-3 hours later.

We challenged this news with two pieces of chocolate cake and green juice. Seriously so grateful that Paris has so many vegan and gluten free options.

Jah Jah.

Afterwards we decided to wander some more until 7 o’clock until we could properly fill out bellies. In hindsight, we should have maybe walked our way to the Indian neighborhood. We didn’t but it all worked out okay. You know, I can’t tell you now exactly what we did in that time. I really think it was another day of wandering through pretty shops and parks and slowly taking in all the sights.

Lollipop break.

Even the bathroom breaks are pretty. I think this was some sort of Spanish restaurant in town. I don’t remember the name or I’d share it. But they were certainly a great stop in a desperate need to use the restroom.

And back to Jah Jah we went. Where we happily enjoyed mediocre Caribbean food and celebrated having another good day together in Paris.

I’d happily re-live this day again. But maybe opt for a dosa break somewhere in-between.


  1. This was such a cute post and I’m with you on Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls is life. My youngest and I often do marathons together. As a matter of fact, on one right now 🙂 It’s crazy how some things about our kids come forth as uniquely their’s. I kind of love that about being a parent.


  2. I have been loving your recent Paris posts — all of them!! So funny how she got the big idea that she needed to go to the Louvre. And yeah, I soooo am not a fan of Parisian restaurants closing between lunch and dinner.

    • aw thank you! And yeah, the midday closing doesn’t work for my hunger and especially my early eating! I love a 5 o clock dinner! 730 is too late!

  3. Hi! This little book is about a mouse that solves a picture robbery in the Louvre. I know Marlowe would cherish it! It was published in 1966 and is charming. My godmother gave it to me when I was nine years old, and it’s the reason I became a French teacher and lived in Paris! How wonderful that you have given Marlow the opportunity to fall in love with Paris (and the rest of the world)!!