How are you guys? It’s weird to think that FOR YEARS, I used to stay up and work on this blog until 2 am or so. Now I turn into a potato at 10 pm. Well, I stayed up until about midnight yesterday (watching the wedding singer. aka the best movie ever). And well, now I’m a very sleep lady for sure. Not to mention we’ve run around all week for this and that. Today we decided to try a trampoline park on a whim. Well, those places weird me out for a variety of reasons, but overall it was a really fun and exhausting time, haha. Certainly got a good work out in.

Tomorrow we’ll be probably running around too. For mostly fun stuff (I hope!) , but we’ll certainly be in the car for a good bit of the day. Oh how I wish I could read in the car. I’m so envious of Marlowe and all other people who can. But alas, I cannot. Maybe in another life.

But even still, I do try to make reading time, if not each day, then at least each week. Typically it just takes me finding a really good book and then I’m hooked. Then Marlowe and I disappear behind our books and only surface when our stomach start to rumble.

Well, I have a massive book pile going right now. And really, theres probably at least ten more that I really want at the bookstore. But I told myself no more until I get through his pile. Anyone else always have a massive stack of “must read” next to their bed? I can’t help it. I just love a good book– and you guys know this– but especially anything in the wellness, health, psychology world.
I know some of you guys are big readers too. PS. sorry for all you folks I let down with this maybe possibly book club plan. Gah, I wanted to do it, I’m just not good at making a plan and commenting to it. Maybe one day, but not today. So for now, I thought I should just share my book pile with you guys, because you might find many of them interesting too! If you do, please do let me know your thoughts on them! Or of course, if you find anything you might think I’d enjoy, please recommend 🙂

So here we are, my current bedside table reading list:

The Body Keeps Score – I know I’ve mentioned this book a handful of times. But I thought I should mention it again because I FINALLY finished it. It was a hard and emotional read for me so it took bit a good bit of time. I would get through a few pages, be filled with thoughts and emotions and need to take a break. But I wanted to mention it here again, because I want to say it was really good. If you’ve ever dealt with any sort of trauma in your life, I’d recommend picking this book out. Whether it’s been a tough emotional childhood, car crash, illness, rape, etc– this book can help aid in some sort of healing and understanding.

The Plant Paradox – I got this book because I wanted to understand the nightshade world more. I’ve started reading it, but have no finished it. I struggle reading books created by people who believe that the body attacks itself. Outside of that, I have (so far) found it enlightening on what some of the problems with night shades and phytic-acid. A lot of the info in the book I was already aware of. But many of the ideas where thoughts I haven’t thought of yet. I will finish the book eventually for sure. I just realized they also sell a summary version of the book. Which feels silly, but maybe useful?

Parenting The First Twelve Years – Very interested in starting this book. I should probably give it a go sooner than later since Marlowe is already way on her way to twelve years old. It has multiple authors and is basically a collection of a ton of research studies on childhood. I think I’m doing a fine job raising my kid, but I thought it would be informative! I’m a random information lover.

Whole Rethinking The Science Of Nutrition – Super looking forward into diving into this book. Colin T Campbell is pretty well-known in the world of health these days. He always wrote The China Study which you guys have probably heard of. It’s a nutrition science book. Basically breaks down how we digest every food chemical particle, etc in our bodies. Excited to get into it. Might start it next. Maybe side by side with the parenting book. Anyone else read books side by side?

Self Healing Crohns + Colitis – I have already this book ten million times. Probably still the book I recommend most. And it’s back on my bedside table. I want to re-read this book. And if you haven’t read it, I recommend you do. Even if you do not have colitis– it is such a helpful insight into healing your body.

Into Nature A Creative Field Guide and Journal This is less of a sit down and read book, more of a journal/activity book. But it seems like a super cute and creative way to focus on mindfulness. I think I’ll work on this book with Marlowe 🙂

You Can Fix Your Brain – I just finished reading this book a week or two ago. It was a great book. The diet in this is maybe not one that I would exactly recommend, but it is probably more of a sustainable diet for most people, so thats good. Overall though, this was a really good and easy read. It was useful, full of decent info, and not boring. I’d totally suggest it if you’re interested in optimal brain function and body wellness in general. If I showed you the other side of this book you’d see ten million folded corner tabs of pages I found super useful.

Deviate – Another book I purchased in London. This book is a bit more of an intense read than I had imaged. Well, I shouldn’t say that yet. I only picked it up once so far on a VERY sleepy night waiting for Alex and struggled to get through the sentences. That being said, it still seems crazy interesting and I look forward to starting it again on a less sleepy evening. It’s written by a neuroscientist. And it is a creative used book on the power and ability to change your perception. Remember, change your perception, change you’re world 😉 Super into any and all reads that give insight into a creative brain space.

Alright! That is my current book list! We’re still at my moms right now, house is still upside down, waugh waugh. But hoping to grab another book from my bedside pile soo to have start getting through the pages! Again, sorry about the lack of book-clubbing. But if you read these, I’d love to chat about them! Or if you have other books you’ve dug into lately, please share! 🙂

Cheers friends!


  1. Hey Drea,

    thanks for sharing your book list. I’m a bit behind reading your blogposts, I guess 😅 (but I simply blame it on the book I’m currently rereading: Dan Brown’s Inferno. Sorry, just fiction, but so engrossing. Have you read this yet?)

    Anyways, I was thinking about getting WHOLE but wasn’t sure yet. So maybe now the time has come to give it a go. 🙂
    The Plant Paradox sounds interesting, too, but I’m always a bit uncertain, how much I can read about nutrition and health without getting a bit crazy about all this stuff? Do you know what I mean? 🤔
    Hm, we’ll see about that.

    I wish you a lovely day and enjoy reading your books 💛
    xo, Romy

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  2. Just curious what your thoughts on autoimmune disease are, per the comment on bodies attacking themselves? Are there other theories about AI?

    • You know, I just have a REALLY difficult time believing that our bodies attack themselves. I think its gotta be something else that forces our bodies to shut down. Like, with crohns for example, it’s crazy to think its our body attacking itself and not that our colons are not overloaded with toxins thats causing the problem. I think it can be a variety of causes varying from individual to individual. most I believe its toxic build up causing a majority of the problems.

      • Gotcha. I have Hashimotos, and I have read that one reason women get hashis so much is that the thyroid is like a magnet for toxins, so it starts to look like an invader. Also gluten is so similar to thyroid hormone in structure that it mistakes gluten for thyroid hormone and attacks the thyroid, so leaky gut leading to gluten circulating the body can be a major trigger as well. It’s definitely taken a toll on my thyroid :/ but I do think it’s definitely toxin related-both chemical and food. We understand autoimmunity so little, which is insane considering the number of people with them!